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Are you looking for BEST bumper cars for sale for your amusement park or entertainment center? And do you want to buy bumper cars with good quality in a discount and favorable price? Please buy your TOP and BEST bumper in Beston! Beston manufacture and sell various kinds bumper cars (dodgem cars) for you! Beston sell the adult bumper cars, kiddie bumper cars, electric bumper cars and single seat dodgem cars for you to choose. Welcome to buy bumper car rides from Beston Amusement now!

The Classification of Beston Bumper Cars for Sale

Beston Bumper cars can be classified with different kinds according to its application area, operated control power/rules and material. Here are some types of Beston bumper cars for sale! If you are interested in BESTON bumper car for sale, welcome to contact Beston for a free quote!

Interested in Buying New Bumper Cars for Your Funfair?

  • Electric Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Electric bumper car is a typical classic type of bumper cars, it is the oldest type of bumper cars. This type of bumper cars should uses a conductive floor and ceiling, each with a separate power polarity. Contacts under the vehicle touch the floor while a pole-mounted contact touches the ceiling, forming a complete circuit. Electric bumper cars commonly have two kinds, the Ceiling Grid Electric Powered Bumper Cars and Ground Grid Electric Operated Bumper Cars.

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

High quality electric bumper cars for sale at affordable price in Beston factory! Are you looking for new bumper cars with electric powered? Bumper cars with electric power from Beston ...
Beston Bumper Cars for Sale Cheap

Cheap Bumper Cars for Sale

Cheap bumper cars for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement. Bumper cars are the most popular rides in the playground, also known as bumper cars, sport cars, electric cars, ...
Adults Bumper Cars for Sale

Adult Bumper Cars for Sale

Looking for new adults bumper cars for sale for your amusement park or funfair? Beston two seats bumper cars for adult is for selling now! Bumper cars ride is very ...
Red Kuku Bear Bumper Car

Kids Bumper Cars for sale

All types of kids bumper cars for sale in low price with good quality from Beston Amusement! We all agree that bumper car is one of the most famous and ...
  • Beston Ceiling Grid Electric Powered Bumper Cars for sale

Ceiling grid bumper cars, are the oldest electric dodgems. It contains the bumper cars and an indoor playground. Ceiling grid bumper cars need the ceiling and floor to support power at the same time. The electric power get through from ceiling with a special wire in a pipe which have to link to bumper cars and ceiling.

  • Beston Ground Grid Electric Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

Ground grid bumper cars use alternating strips of metal across the special floor and no ceiling grid. Alternating strips carry the supply current, and the cars are large enough so that the vehicle body can always cover at least two strips at any time. Each car makes random contact with whatever strip is below, and the voltage polarity can always provide a correct and complete circuit to carry on the vehicle. Not only have we the vintage electric bumper cars for sale, but we also have new battery operated bumper cars and gas power operated bumper cars for sale in Beston!

High Quality Dodgem Cars Rides for Sale

Dodgem Cars for Sale

Dodgem cars are a classic and popular amusement ride beloved by children and young people. Now, when passengers visit amusement parks and parks, dodgem bumper cars are always the most popular rides, and they ...
Electric Bumper Cars Fairground

Inflatable Type Bumper Cars for Sale

Beston gas powered  bumper cars for sale! We all know that bumper cars can be divided into three types according to its control power system. The first type of bumper ...
Kids Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

High Return Inflatable Bumper Car for Sale

Inflatable bumper cars for sale with cheap price you can buy from Beston Amusement Group, a new design battery bumper car for amusement parks, funfairs and squares. Beston inflatable bumper ...
Battery Bumper Cars from Beston

Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery bumper cars for sale,  popular amusement ride in the amusement park and funfairs all over the world. Many young people love this interesting rides. And if your amusement park ...

  • Beston Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery operated bumper cars are become more and more popular in amusement parks and fairground. Because compared with electric bumper car, the cost of battery operated bumper car is lower and this type is very easy to operate. As long as the battery is fully charged. It is much safer than electric operated bumper cars and have widely use area. It can be used in outdoor places, such as some fairgrounds, mall outdoor squares and large theme parks. The battery operated bumper cars is more economic than traditional electric bumper cars, because electric bumper cars should be installed with special floor or floors, so the cost of battery bumper cars is lower than electric bumper cars.

  • Beston Inflatable Bumper Car Rides for Sale

In recent years, Beston modified the battery operated bumper cars and manufactured a newest inflatable battery bumper cars for sale! Beston inflatable bumper cars have the same working principle with traditional bumper cars. However, the material of this kind bumper car is different from other type. Beston use inflatable PVC as material so that inflatable bumper cars are much safer and more affordable than others.

Spining Bumper Cars from Beston

Spinning Bumping Cars for Sale

Spinning bumper cars are one of the most interesting rides that you can find at carnivals, amusement parks, and family recreation centers. While riding in these cars and bashing into friends ...

Spin Zone Bumper Cars for Sale

Spin zone bumper cars for sale in low and cheap price! Spin zone bumper cars is new type bumper cars are largely used in fairgrounds, outdoor parks and some entertainment ...
Beston Ground Net Bumper Cars

New Bumper Car for Sale

New bumper cars for sale in Beston Amusement is a classic amusement rides for kids, which favored by kids and adults. People who manipulate this ride can get a feeling ...
Water Bumper Cars for Sale

Water Bumper Cars for sale

Looking for water bumper cars for sale for your business? Newest water ride for sale in low price! Beston bumper cars water ride for sale now. If you want buy ...

  • Beston Amusement Park Water Bumper Cars/Boats for Sale

Beston water bumper boats are an amusement park ride that used in a water amusement parks. Some are battery operated by electric motors, some are gas powered by gasoline engines, and some require the rider to propel the craft by pedaling. Not all of the water bumper boat is automatic controlled. Most are equipped with water guns for duels with other riders.

  • Beston Spin Zone Bumper Cars for Funfair Use

The newest spinning and self-control bumper cars for sale in Beston! Beston spin zone bumper cars is very similar with inflatable bumper cars. The difference between them is the seat and control steering wheel. Spinning bumper cars have only one seat with a high back and it controlled with operation bar instead of the steering wheel. When it started, riders can control it do self-spinning while running.

  • Kids Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

We all know that kids takes a very large proportion of amusement parks visitors. Beston manufactured mini kiddie bumper cars for sale with BEST quality in a discount price.

Bumper cars ride have a high popularity among kids. It is a thrilling and exciting amusement equipment with high speed. But, kid’s bumper car speed is lower than adult bumper car. The size is not as big as adult bumper cars. And Beston kiddie battery operated bumper cars is designed and manufactured in many lively cartoon figures.

Indoor Bumper Car Rides for Sale

Indoor Bumper Cars for Sale

Looking for indoor bumper cars for sale for your business? The indoor bumper car is a bumper car for indoor activities. They are mostly ceiling grids and ground grid bumper ...
Best Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

Different types of Ice bumper cars for sale from Beston Amusement! Do you enjoy bumper cars in the summer and ice skating in the winter? If so, you’re in luck ...
Antique Bumper Cars for Sale

Antique Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper cars ride is a very popular fairground ride can be seen in amusement parks, playgrounds and some theme parks. But maybe you have no idea about when the first ...
Motorized Bumper Car Rides for Sale

Motorized Bumper Cars for Sale

Beston amusement park rides motorized bumper car is required in your amusement parks, which can appeal many visitors to your amusement playground. Amusement park rides motorized bumper car is a ...

Application Areas of Beston Bumper Car Rides

Bumper car ride is used in many areas. The electric bumper car ride can be regarded as an indoor thrilling and exciting amusement ride, the battery operated bumper car can be used in some outdoor places. The Beston inflatable bumper cars also can be called as ice bumper cars in some ice theme parks. If you want buy a vintage and popular amusement equipment in your parks, Beston bumper car ride for sale is a BEST option for you! If you want know the bumper car price, please contact Beston with Email!

Working Principle of Red Bumper Car

Carnival Bumper Cars for Sale

Are you looking for some bumper cars for sale for carnival parks or amusement park? Beston supply carnival bumper cars ...
Portable Bumper Cars

Portable Bumper Cars for Sale

Portable bumper cars for sale here in Beston – a leading bumper cars manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Battery operated bumper ...
Fairground Bumper Cars Rides for Sale

Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

Are you looking for bumper cars fairground rides? Here in Beston Group, we provide different kinds of fairground bumper cars ...
Yellow Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

Mini Bumper Cars for Sale

Find mini bumper cars for sale for your funfair? Beston provide many different mini bumper cars with good quality in ...

Top Bumper Cars Rides Manufacturer – Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

As a professional bumper cars rides manufacturer in China, Beston use different material in manufacturing excellent amusement steel adult bumper cars, electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars, ice bumper car, spinning bumper cars, etc. we not only provide best bumper car amusement ride for sale, but also offer best service in selling and after selling service! We are very welcome our clients to visit our own factory on the spot. And if you have any problems in installing and operating, we can send our professional engineers to help and give an assistance for you!

The Unique Features of Beston Bumper Cars for Sale

  • Colorful and attractive appearance. Beston provide vary of bumper cars for sale. From the antique bumper cars (old fashioned bumper cars) to new type bumper cars, we design and produce bumper cars with colorful painting. For kiddie bumper cars fairground rides, Beston manufacture it in some cartoon and animation figures.
  • LED shining lights and music sound system. Beston Bumper cars are equipped with many shinning lights and a music sound system. When riders play on bumper cars, the colorful lights shines brightly. People also can enjoy the exciting music while riding.
  • Customized service. Beston for sale bumper car ride accepted customized service. The size, the color, the figure and lights of Beston dodgem bumper cars. You can tell us your idea and needs, we will manufacture the bumper car according to your plan.

Successful Cases of Selling Bumper Cars in Beston

Beston is a famous brand in China, we make and sell our BEST amusement rides over 20 years. And we are full of experiences in manufacturing bumper cars. We have exported our bumper car ride to many other countries successfully. Example, Beston exported excellent bumper cars to Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and UK. If you want know more information about Beston bumper cars amusement ride for sale, welcome to visit our official website!

Beston Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars for Iraq

Bumper Cars for Sale In Iraq

Want to get new bumper cars for your business in Iraq? Want to build new funfair and amusement park with bumper cars in Iraq? Do not know which types of ...
Bumper Cars for Sale Zambia

Bumper Cars for Sale Zambia

Bumper cars for sale are often seen in amusement parks and indoor malls in Zambia. They receive high remarks of many families with children. The bumper cars can be customized ...
Beston Bumper Cars for Sale In Saudi Arabia

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale In Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for new bumper cars for your business in Saudi Areabia? Welcome to choose some new cars from Beston Amusement. The bumper car rides that made by Beston ...

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale for India

As a leading bumper car rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston has exported many set of bumper cars to different countries. Here is the feedback of our India customer. They purchase ...

Beston Inflatable Bumper Cars for South Africa

Here is the inflatable bumper cars that is used at the funfair in South Africa. They install the bumper cars play area for indoor place which is attractive to kids ...

Feedback of Beston Battery Bumper Cars to Kyrgyzstan

We received the bumper cars inquiry on our website from our Kyrgyzstan customer, they want to build a bumper cars fufair. So they are looking for new battery bumper cars ...

Inflatable Bumper Cars Installed at Russia

Are you looking for new inflatable bumper cars for your funfair and amusement park in Russia? Here is the infltable bumper cars that has been exported to Russia several months ...
Bumper Cars for Kenya

Bumper Cars for Sale In Kenya

Beston bumper cars and other amusement park rides has been exported to Kenya many times. You can get new bumper cars from Beston which includes inflatable bumper cars, electric bumper ...
Electric Water Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats for Sale UK

To spend on hot summer times, most of people will go to amusement parks or theme parks to play water bumper boats with friends and families. If you are an ...
Kiddie Bumper Boats for Sale

Bumper Boats for Sale Canada

Are you looking for some bumper boats for sale Canada? Beston Group supply different kinds of bumper boats with high quality to Canada. If you want buy some water rides ...
High Quality Electric Bumper Cars in Beston with Low Price

Bumper Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Welcome to Beston Group to purchase our best bumper cars for sale. We have successfully exported our bumper cars for sale in Pakistan in recent years. If you want buy ...
Beston Electric Bumper Car for Sale in South Africa

Bumper Cars for Sale in South Africa

Beston have successfully exported our best bumper cars to many countries. In recent, we sold several sets bumper cars in South Africa. If you are finding bumper cars for sale ...
Beston High Quality Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper Cars for Sale Australia

Our clients from Australia bought several bumper cars from our workshop a few days ago. We are a professional amusement rides manufacturer in China. We produce different kinds of bumper cars for ...
British Clients Visiting Our Factory

Bumper Cars for Sale UK

Different types of bumper cars for sale that is popular used in UK funfair and amusement parks from Beston Amusement. Bumper cars ride is a famous amusement ride in the ...

Tips When Buying Bumper Cars

New China Bumper Car Rides

Structure and Working Principle of Bumper Cars

Both adults and children like playing bumper cars in the playground or in the park. The fun of driving, the ...

How to choose new bumper cars?

Bumper cars has been one of the most popular amusement rides in the amusement parks, funfairs and many other places ...
Beston Cheap Bumper Cars for Sale

When were Bumper Cars Invented

History of Bumper Cars When you are playing bumper cars with your friends and families, will you be curious about ...
Electric Bumper Cars Price

How Much Does a Bumper Car Cost

Do You Know How Much Does a Bumper Car Cost? Different bumper cars have different cost price. Beston have many ...

Beston Bumper Car Rides for Sale in Favored Price

Bumper cars or dodgems cars is the generic name for a type of fairground ride consisting of several small electrically powered cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and controlled by an operator/passenger with a high speed in a flat ground. They are also known as bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars. With the science developed, Beston modified the technology in manufacturing bumper cars, now we have some new type bumper cars for sale! Battery operated bumper cars, gas powered bumper cars and new inflatable bumper cars!

Details About Buying  Bumper Cars in Beston Right Now

Beston is one of the largest amusement equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. We can make and sell top bumper cars in affordable price. In addition, if you want buy parts of bumper car, please find Beston! We also have bumper car parts for sale. Such as, bumper car bodies for sale, bumper car cars for sale, and bumper car hot rods for sale and bumper car floor for sale.

If you want purchase some bumper car ride for sale, very warmly welcome everyone to buy cheap bumper cars in Beston Amusement equipment Co., Ltd. If you want know the latest price of bumper cars for sale in Beston, please EMAIL us and get a FREE quote!

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