Advantages of Battery Bumper Cars

Battery bumper cars become more and more popular in the amusement parks and funfairs. Do you know why? And what is the advantages of battery bumper car rides? Here Beston will explain to you.

Many people still confused about the difference between battery bumper car and the ground net bumper car. They think that the regular bumper car should be the ground net. The battery bumper car seems to be a very strange setting. There are always a lot of inconveniences during the usage. This is not the case. Let’s talk about the characteristics and advantages of the battery bumper car, and the right people. New detailed explanation of the characteristics and advantages of battery bumper cars for you.

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Bumper cars have always been a popular type of amusement equipment for kids, and its customer compatibility and return speed have made investors very satisfied. So for some venues can not be fixed for a long time, for example: the temple fair, the customers who put the square look and sigh. The battery bumper car can solve this problem precisely. It relies on the power supply advantage of its own battery and completely gets rid of the restraint of the special ground floor. It can be driven on the hardened and relatively flat ground such as cement floor, marble, tile, stone brick, etc. It is not necessary to disassemble the floor of the ground net so complicated, just drag the bumper car away.

The biggest controversy about the battery bumper car is often the running time. Indeed, the battery bumper car has the power limitation of the battery capacity. Compared with the ground-grid bumper car, it is slightly inferior, but this does not mean that the battery life of the battery bumper car is not good, in the case of full charge. It can still reach 8 hours of running time, meet the day’s business needs, and use 220V household charger, a plug can solve the charging problem of the number of bumper cars, so there is no need to worry about the life span of these battery bumper cars.

In addition, the reason why the battery bumper car can surpass the sales of the ground net bumper car depends on its big killer: the absolute price advantage. Take 10 bumper cars as an example. The shell, paint, material, main frame, and chassis of the same material can double the price of the battery bumper than the ground bumper. Because the battery bumper car does not need the ground floor and power distribution cabinet, and the floor net floor price is 430 yuan per square meter, the average floor needs 15 square meters of floor, plus 7000 yuan power distribution cabinet, this is not a small amount. But battery bumper cars don’t need these at all.

More advantages of battery bumper cars to know? Planning to buy some battery bumper cars for your business? Welcome to contact Beston Manufacturer for price list and more information now!

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