Advantages of Ice Bumper Cars

Ice bumper car rides is an ice and snow amusement equipment for interacting with other individuals on the ice surface to generate game fun. Compared with traditional bumper cars, ice bumper cars have a better gaming experience and higher security that will making tourists happy. At the same time when playing, the investors who invest in the bumper car project on ice will be more at ease. Bumper cars on ice have more advantages than traditional bumper cars. Now let’s know more about its advantages.

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Advantages of Beston Ice Bumper Cars
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  • Lower Investment Costs for Ice Bumper Cars

Traditional bumper cars need to build a site and lay a sky net or ground net. Not only are the equipment expensive, but also the installation requires a lot of manpower and material resources, which increases the cost of investment and brings risks to the project. Bumper cars on ice can freely exercise on the smooth ice surface. In winter, especially in the northeast region, it is very easy to build an ice rink under the effect of low temperature. You only need to put a certain amount in the field today. The water will be formed naturally on a bumper car on ice tomorrow. There is no need to use a construction team or install and disassemble. Everything is so simple.

  • Ice Bumper Cars are Safer

Traditional bumper cars are driven by the power supply mode of Skynet or Groundnet, which requires the equipment to be permanently connected to a fixed power source. It is inevitable for visitors to be close to the power source, and the safety protection for tourists is low. Electric sparks often generated by the equipment connection Frightened, even some people dare not try because of this reason, and the user experience naturally declines slowly. The bumper car on ice is driven by a battery and is separated from the fixed power supply during use, so that the user avoids contact with the fixed power supply. This greatly improves the safety factor of the device, avoids electric shock accidents, and eliminates potential safety hazards for consumers.

  • Bumper Cars On Ice are More Fun

Due to the low performance of traditional bumper cars, bumper cars only produce a small amount of displacement during collisions, and the bumper cars are not exciting, and the bumper cars are slow to respond, giving the driver a sense of lag, unable to control the equipment flexibly. Low sensitivity, naturally can not have a good gaming experience. Bumper cars driving on the ice, due to the smooth surface of the ice and low resistance, they can produce large displacements during collisions, and produce rotation and steering effects to make the game more exciting and fun. The ice bumper cars are controlled by digital technology to allow the ice bumper car rides. Sensitivity is higher, if the driving skills are good, you can calmly dodge the impact of others, and quickly turn to launch a counterattack, the operation is smoother and the tourists are more enjoyable.

  • Bumper Cars On Ice are More Energy Efficient

Traditional bumper cars are directly connected to the power supply and directly drive the bumper car with electricity. When the bumper car is running, it consumes a lot of electricity and increases the daily operating expenses. The bumper car on ice uses three-stage gear to guide the speed. Due to the effect of the gear force, the power required by the bumper car on ice can be reduced to a minimum, thereby reducing the power consumption of the battery, saving 40% of electricity, and saving operating costs.

  • Ice Bumper Cars Have Better Battery Life

Bumper cars on ice can be used for 3-5 hours and can be used for 8-10 hours, which can ensure the normal operation of the amusement program, and will not be forced to close the business because of running out of energy prematurely. Charge the device every day after the operation ends. It can be used normally the next day without delaying business hours.

  • Sound Better

Traditional bumper cars use monotonous music to play in a loop, slowly letting consumers lose interest and produce boredom. The bumper car on the ice uses fidelity original sing MP3 music, which can be downloaded and played at any time, allowing visitors to listen to their favorite music to play the game, and enjoy the joy of the game along with the rhythm of the music.

  • Ice Bumper Cars Have a Long Service Life

Conventional bumper cars’ motors directly contact the ground. It is easy to damage the motor for a long time. Directly connect the power supply. During operation, it is easy to make false connections and cause unstable voltage. The circuit board is burned out. Various faults often occur during operation. The bumper car on ice comes from a rechargeable battery with stable current output and gentle power supply to the circuit board. It is not easy to cause damage to the circuit board, allowing the equipment to have a longer service life and continue to create benefits for investors.

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