Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery bumper cars for sale are a popular amusement ride in all over the world. Many young people love this interesting rides. Your amusement park needs this attractive amusement rides. Beston Amusement Equipment Co, Ltd is one of the famous amusement battery bumper car manufacturers in China. If you have any need in your amusement parks, please contact us! We will offer you high quality battery bumper cars and best services! Best battery bumper cars in low prices is required in the amusement parks!

Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale
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Beston Battery Operated Bumper Cars
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Cheap Battery Bumper Cars
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Description of Kidā€™s Battery Bumper Car

The battery bumper car is also called kids battery car, kid electric bumper car, kidsā€™ amusement rides, bumper car, etc. It is similar as the bumper cars. They are fashion designed and have different types of painting. The LED lights on the bumper car will attractive the children to ride on the battery bumper car.

The bumper cars run on electricity. Battery bumper car rides are designed so that the cars can collide without much danger to the riders. Each car has a large rubber bumper all around it, which prolongs the impact and diffuses the force of the collision.

Battery Bumper Cars Rides manufacturer
BBC-04 Battery Bumper Cars Rides manufacturer

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Adult Battery Bumper Car for Sale
BBC-05 Adult Battery Bumper Car for Sale

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Battery Dodgem Bumper Car
BBC-06 Battery Dodgem Bumper Car

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Applications of Beston Battery Operated Bumper Cars

The battery powered bumper cars can be added at amusement parks, funfairs and in the supermarkets. Actually, there is not any limitation in Beston battery operated bumper cars. They can use in any smooth ground. In a word, anywhere you want, just place them in there! Itā€™s suitable for people of all ages in amusement parks. People will feel thrilling and happy when riding the battery and electric bumper car.

The Advantage of Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

  • Turning adopt the steering wheel, the use of a motor vehicle steering, more reliable, and more flexible control.
  • Soft back spoiler design, with car seat design, can make people more comfortable ride.
  • Seamless integration fiberglass body design, colorfast color spray paint, more visual impact;
  • High fidelity stereo background music, multiple background music can be selected.
  • Have front and rear lighting system to make the vision more beautiful.
Battery Bumper Cars for Sale
BBC-07 Battery Bumper Cars

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High Quality Battery Bumper Cars for Sale
BBC-08 High Quality Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

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New Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale
BBC-09 New Battery Operated Bumper Cars for Sale

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Features of Battery Bumper Cars

  • High cost performance. Low investment, high return, suitable for the amusement park.
  • Complete function. Function set up, convenient management, suitable for small business or chain scale management.
  • Modern design. Styling fashion, colorful and attractive.
  • Quality assurance. Independent research and development design, standard modular production.
  • High practicality. Small site requirements, smooth surface can be used, a wide range of products.
  • Flexible manipulation. Classic design, sensitive, sufficient power.
eston Adult Battery Bumper Cars for Sale
BBC-10 Beston Adult Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

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Bumper Cars Powered by Battery
BBC-11 Bumper Cars Powered by Battery

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High Quality Battery Dodgems
BBC-12 High Quality Battery Dodgems

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Why You Buy the Battery Bumper Car?

Riding battery bumper car is a great experience for the kids, they can learn how to drive by themselves. Kids can have the experience of driving a battery car. It is a good amusement ride for kids, and it is common in the amusement park, game center, theme parks, shopping mall, supermarket, etc. They can work on any flat floor. And they do not require any special floor. So, if you want to ge some sets of new battery bumper cars, you will save some cost on the special floor. You can buy the bumper cars only. The kids over 4 years old can play the battery bumper car by themselves. They will have great fun with the bumper car, the music and the shining LED lights on the bumper car.

Battery bumper is a wonderful business with small investment and huge profit. You must not hesitate to begin your business with our kid battery bumper car. Just begins your business of the battery bumper car without any hesitation! Battery bumper car is your best choice if you start to run your amusement park, funfair business.

Battery Bumper Car for Sale in Affordable Price
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Battery Bumper Cars for Park
BBC-14 Battery Bumper Cars for Park

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Buy Beston Battery Bumper Cars
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1. What kinds of bumper car you have?
Ground net bumper car, battery bumper car, Skynet bumper car,
Coin operated bumper car, UFO bumper car.
2. How about the charging and running time of battery bumper car?
Charging time: 8 hours
Running time: 8-10 hours
3. What is the main parts for each kind of car?
A. Battery bumper car: battery, remote control
B. Ground net bumper car: Control box, floor
C. Skynet bumper car: Control box, floor, ceiling
D. Coin operated bumper car: battery, remote control, Coin device
E. UFO bumper car: battery, rubber ring
4. How to install battery bumper car?
We have free drawing and installation video to guide customer.
5. What is the area for one car?
One car need about 15-20 m2.
6. Where is your factory? May I come and check the details by myself?
Welcome to our factory in Zhengzhou, you can surely check every details here and try this amazing ride by yourself.

Beston Battery Bumper Carsā€™ Services Include Four Parts:

Part-1: we freely provide installation drawing &CD and responsible for maintenance and changing accessories in one year guarantee period.

Part-2: Dispatch engineer and workers to your countries to guide installation if needed, you just need to pay the transport fee and their wage.

Part-3: Professional salesmen online. You can reach us timely and conveniently.

Part-4: Certificates we can offer are ISO9001, SGS, CO, CIQ, COC, BV, and TUV.

Part-5: we use wooden cases or bubbles to package metal frames in a bumper car.

Why Should You Buy Battery Bumper Cars from Beston?

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., the top amusement rides manufacturers in China, is the expert in manufacturing best battery bumper cars. Especially, Beston Amusement Equipment does well in developing, designing and manufacturing the best children amusement rides for sale and is one of the best kiddie rides manufacturers in China, even in the foreign countries. Our products are commonly used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places. When your amusement parks need battery bumper cars for your amusement parks, Beston is your first and best choice!

Welcome to cooperate with us, no matter which country are you from, you can customize your electric battery powered bumper car. How to get quotations? Send your inquiry details in the below and Click “Sendā€! Beston team will reply and contact you soon.

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