Beston Bumper Cars for Sale In Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for new bumper cars for your business in Saudi Areabia? Welcome to choose some new cars from Beston Amusement. The bumper car rides that made by Beston Group have three types:ground net bumper cars,ceiling bumper cars and electric bumper cars.We also have kids bumper cars for sale.We design the ground of the bumper cars and celing for different types of bumper cars,there are many models for you to choose.these dodgem cars for sale have good quality, safety performance is good. Want to buy new cars for Saudi Arabia? Send your message to us now!

Beston Bumper Cars for Sale In Saudi Arabia
BNSA-01 Beston Bumper Cars

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New Bumper Cars for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-02 New Bumper Cars

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Which Types of Bumper Cars to Choose for Saudi Arabia

The first is Skynet bumper cars. This kind of bumper cars has an antenna connected to the ceiling and is driven by electrodes. This kind of bumper cars is the kind we played in the early days. It is very stimulating and powerful, but the disadvantage is that it is not safe because of the ceiling. When power is connected, ceiling sparks often appear during operation. At present, few customers choose this type of bumper cars.

Kids Bumper Cars for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-03 Kids Bumper Cars

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Beston Bumper Car for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-04 Beston Bumper Car

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The second type is ground-net bumper cars. The advantage is obvious. It combines all the advantages of skynet bumper cars, such as strong power, strong impact, and high playability. It is suitable for amusement park operations. However, due to the need to lay conductive floors, it is good for the venue. Requirements, suitable for fixed operation of parks, amusement parks, indoor and other amusement parks.

Bumper Cars for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-05 Bumper Cars

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Whosale Bumper Cars for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-06 Whosale Bumper Cars

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The third type is currently the hottest battery bumper car. It has a variety of styles of bumper cars, and can choose different sizes of motors according to user needs. For children, choose small batteries, low-speed motors, older children and adults. You can choose a motor with strong power. The battery bumper car has no requirements on the site. It can be operated as long as the road is flat. It has a wide range of mobile operations and strong applicability. Choose different styles for various occasions. It is really even more powerful. Business is getting hotter.

Bumper Cars On Sale for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-07 Bumper Cars On Sale

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New Bumper Car Rides for Saudi Arabia
BNSA-08 New Bumper Car Rides

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Features of Beston Bumper Cars for Saudi Arabia

  • Integrated seamless glass fiber reinforced plastic body design, visually more beautiful.
  • The steering wheel is used for steering, and the motor vehicle steering machine is used, the performance is more reliable, and the control is more flexible.
  • Car-level seat design, more riding; front and rear lighting system, visually brighter.
  • It can be adapted to a variety of grounds at the same time, such as floor tiles, cement ground and other grounds, and fixed places to reduce investment.
  • High-fidelity live-action MP3 music, download.
  • Timing control, one-button remote operation, convenient and energy-saving, no matter how many cars you choose, you can easily control it.
  • The circuit board has high integration, digital technology control, easy installation, long service life and easy maintenance.

Application, Working Environment and Conditions of Beston Bumper Cars

  • This product is suitable for indoor use in parks, amusement parks and other entertainment venues.
  • The operating temperature is -10~38℃; the relative humidity of the environment is less than 80%.
  • The bumper car park has reliable rainproof measures, and there must be no gas or liquid that is flammable and corrosive to metal and rubber in the environment of the site. There should be no water or other liquids on the floor. If there is dust or debris on the floor, it must be cleaned up with a dry broom in time, and not mopped with a damp cloth.

Usage of Beston Bumper Cars for Saudi Arabia

  • To start a new business on funfair or kiddie park.
  • Use bumper cars to practice driving.

We are the leading bumper car manufacturer–Beston Entertainment.With 10 years more experiences, we are very professional in rearching and developing all types of bumper cars. We keep on developing all kinds of relative technologies of dodgem bumper cars at your requirements. Want to build new funfair or refresh your existing business in bumper cars in Saudi Arabia? Beston will be your best partner!

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