Beston Bumper Cars for Promotion

Are you looking for new bumper cars? Here Beston Amusement will give you a list of ground-net bumper cars in stock in our factory. Send us your inquiry to ,then our sales manager will send you price list of these bumper car rides soon. Here is the big promotion of bumper cars in stock. We have only 9 set ground net bumper cars for sale now! Welcome to buy!

Ground Net Bumper Cars In Stock
BNBC-A Ground Net Bumper Cars In Stock

Technical Parameters

Size: 1110*1920*850mm
Running Speed: 6-10km/h
Voltage: DC 48v
Total Power: 230W
Weight: 230kg
Capacity: 2

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Order payment before December 31,2019 Old customers with historical transaction records are entitled to 12% off the highest discount rate, and 9% off for new customers
Orders paid after January 1, 2020. Old customers with historical transaction records are entitled to a maximum discount of 92% and new customers 97%.
Giveaways for customer 2 free coin operated rides for orders over 10,000 USD, 1 kids excavator for order over 50,000 USD, and 1 kids excavator and 1 kiddie passenger carrying robot for each $ 100,000
2020 Product Discount Reward Every purchase of this promotional product will enjoy a 10% discount on other products purchased in 2020

Four Giveaways for Our Customer

These bumper cars in stock from Beston Amusement Factory will update in real time. If you need these ground net bumper cars, Order now! Our bumper cars has been exported to many countries, Australia, USA, UK, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Brizil and etc. Big promotion in this month, buy these now!

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