Beston Go Karts to Guatemala

Several months ago, we received the inquiry about go karts from our clients from Guatemala. They want to buy new go karts for their place. Here is the feedback videos in the funfair.

More Information About Beston Go Karts

  • Classification of Beston Go Karts

The kart club mainly caters to two types of people: adults and children, and the standards for adult karts and children karts are also significantly different. According to the venue, it can be divided into indoor kart yards and outdoor karting yards. Generally, children’s karting yards are basically indoor yards, covering an area ranging from hundreds to thousands of square meters. They are mainly electric karts. Due to safety factors, the speed is limited. There are indoor and outdoor venues for adult karts, including fuel karts and electric karts. Both the scale and the initial investment cost are much higher than children’s karts. Generally, the adult kart yard occupies a large area, so it is usually located in the suburbs, while the children karting yard is mostly distributed in shopping malls and other crowded places.

  • Choose Site for a New Karting Funfair

For the karting site, site selection is the most important, and a good site selection can basically bring in valuable initial passenger flow. At present, the domestic first-tier cities are basically saturated with karting venues, new development costs are high, rents are high, and competition is intense. Some second-tier cities have entered a stage of intense market competition, and children’s kart clubs have entered shopping malls and other crowded areas. Generally, before setting a price in a kart club, it is necessary to investigate the income structure, consumption structure, and consumption level of the local target consumer group, because these all determine the customer’s spending power.

Want to build a new karting funfair or just want to refresh your old go karts? Welcome to contact Beston team for more information.

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