Bumper Boats for Sale Canada

Are you looking for some bumper boats for sale Canada? Beston Group supply different kinds of bumper boats with high quality to Canada. If you want buy some water rides at your amusement parks in hot summer time, invest some bumper boats at parks is a good plan for your amusement park business. With high popularity, this water rides can attract more people and bring you high return. Beston provide gas powered bumper boats for sale, electric bumper boats for sale, kids ride on bumper boats for sale and motorized bumper boats for adult. If you want know more information about our bumper boats for sale, welcome to contact us from our website.

Kiddie Bumper Boats for Sale
Kiddie Bumper Boats for Sale

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Kids Ride on Bumper Boats for Sale Canada

Similar with ride on bumper cars for kids, kiddie ride on bumper boats for sale in Beston is designed in small and mini size. Different from other type bumper boats in market, kiddie ride on bumper boats just can load one kid only. With pretty appearance, our bumper boats for sale is loved by many kids. This kiddie water rides is very portable and easy to operate, children need to control the steering wheel to change the direction in a low speed. Beston kid bumper boats for sale can be used in some amusement parks, water theme parks, pond and backyard pools. Remember that children cannot use this ride to the deeper water area without adults! If you are interested with this bumper boats for sale to Canada, please Email us or leave your inquiry on our website.

Beston Water Bumper Boats in Low Price
Motorized Bumper Boats

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Motorized Bumper Boats for Adult for Sale Canada

Not only supply kids bumper boats for sale, Beston also offer motorized bumper boats for adult selling in Canada. Motorized bumper boats for adult is not very strange for us, we can often see this water rides in amusement park or some theme parks at summer. It is a famous water rides like paddle boats, paddle water bike and motorboats or yacht. Motorized bumper boats can be classified in two types with different power system. The first type is gas powered bumper boats, and the second type is electric bumper boats. Gas powered bumper cars can get power by burning gasoline, while, electric bumper boats is powered by a lead battery. Both two motorized bumper boats are automatic controlled, passenger just need to hold the handheld controller or turn the steering wheel to change the direction. If you are looking for motorized bumper boats for sale in Canada, please find Beston Group, we supply best quality motorized bumper boats for sale in affordable price.

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Bumper Boats Manufacturer – Beston

Beston is a famous bumper boats manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler from China. With more than 20 years’ experiences in manufacturing bumper boats rides, our water bumper boats are sold well in China. Not only selling hot in China, Beston also export our best quality bumper boats to many countries overseas. Such as UK, Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Philippine and South Africa, etc. If you are searching for a professional bumper boats manufacturer in Canada, Beston is your reliable cooperation partner in your business. If you want buy bumper boats, welcome to contact Beston, we supply high quality bumper boats for sale with favored price.

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