Bumper Car Capacity

Bumper cars is a common amusement rides for sale which can be used in some amusement parks, fairground, carnival parks, theme parks and some indoor entertainment centers. With interesting playing rules, this ride always attract many people from different ages. Beston bumper cars rides is a high profits amusement park rides with best quality in low cost. With different capacity, bumper car can be classified in 2 types. Two seats bumper cars for adult (2 players’ bumper cars) and one seats bumper cars (kiddie bumper car ride or mini bumper cars). If you are interested with bumper car for sale, please contact Beston right now, we supply different kinds of bumper cars for sale in affordable price.

Fairground Bumper Cars Rides for Sale

Fairground Bumper Cars Sale

Are you looking for bumper cars fairground rides? Here in Beston Group, we provide different kinds of fairground bumper cars ...
High Quality Dodgem Cars Rides for Sale

Dodgem Cars for Sale

Dodgem cars are a classic and popular amusement ride beloved by children and young people. Now, when passengers visit amusement parks and parks, ...
Antique Bumper Cars for Sale

Antique Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper cars ride is a very popular fairground ride can be seen in amusement parks, playgrounds and some theme parks ...
Beston Bumper Cars for Sale Cheap

Cheap Bumper Cars for Sale

Cheap bumper cars for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement. Bumper cars are the most popular rides in the ...

Two Seats Bumper Cars for Sale

Beston supply 2 seats bumper cars for sale for amusement parks. Such as electric bumper cars, battery operated bumper cars, gas powered bumper cars, water bumper cars and ice bumper cars. Two seats bumper cars rides can load 2 player at the same time. Passengers can control the steer wheel to change the direction. This rides is very easy to operate and drive even for kids. Two seats bumper cars rides also can be regarded as a family rides. If you need some family rides for sale in amusement parks, 2 seats bumper cars ride is an ideal option. Do you look for adult bumper cars for sale with 2 seats? Please contact Beston. We supply high quality bumper cars for sale with affordable price.

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

High quality electric bumper cars for sale at affordable price in Beston factory! Are you looking for new bumper cars ...
Kids Inflatable Bumper Cars for Sale

High Return Inflatable Bumper Car for Sale

Inflatable bumper cars for sale with cheap price you can buy from Beston Amusement Group, a new design battery bumper ...
Adults Bumper Cars for Sale

Adult Bumper Cars for Sale

Looking for new adults bumper cars for sale for your amusement park or funfair? Beston two seats bumper cars for ...
Battery Bumper Cars from Beston

Battery Bumper Cars for Sale

Battery bumper cars for sale,  popular amusement ride in the amusement park and funfairs all over the world. Many young ...

One Seat Bumper Cars for Sale

One seat bumper car is a very special kind bumper car for kids. It is very different from adult bumper cars. Usually one seat bumper cars is designed as a ride on amusement rides. This ride is manufactured in small size, only can load one little kids. With many cartoon figures, this ride has a large popularity in kids. This ride is manufactured with many portable and economic material, Fiber Reinforced Plastic and PVC. With low cost, this ride can bring you high return. If you want buy some high return bumper cars for sale, Beston one seat ride on bumper cars for kids is your prefect option. Email Beston or leave your message on our website to get the latest price.

Portable Bumper Cars

Portable Bumper Cars for Sale

Portable bumper cars for sale here in Beston – a leading bumper cars manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Battery operated bumper ...
Yellow Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

Mini Bumper Cars for Sale

Find mini bumper cars for sale for your funfair? Beston provide many different mini bumper cars with good quality in ...
Water Bumper Cars for Sale

Water Bumper Cars for sale

Looking for water bumper cars for sale for your business? Newest water ride for sale in low price! Beston bumper ...
Red Kuku Bear Bumper Car

Kids Bumper Cars for sale

All types of kids bumper cars for sale in low price with good quality from Beston Amusement! We all agree ...

China Bumper Cars Manufacturer – Beston

Beston is a professional bumper cars rides manufacturer from China. If you are looking for a professional bumper cars manufacturer and supplier, please contact Beston right now. Beston supply different kinds of bumper cars for sale, two players bumper cars for sale for adult, one seat bumper cars for kids, ride on battery bumper cars and inflatable UFO bumper cars for sale. With more than 20 years’ manufacturing experience, we become a famous brand in China. Beston bumper car park rides for sale is made from high quality material and acquired many international quality certifications. In recent years, we have exported our bumper cars to many other countries overseas. If you are looking for some bumper cars for sale in affordable or cheap price, please contact us right now.

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