Bumper Car Floor

Beston have bumper car floor for sale! We know that electric bumper cars can be divided in two types, the ceiling grid electric bumper cars ride and the ground grid electric bumper cars ride. For these two electric bumper cars, the conductive floor is a very essential and important part of this fairground ride. As a professional and leading bumper cars manufacturer in China, Beston supply bumper car floor for electric ground grid bumper car with good quality and economic price! If you want change the floor of your electric bumper cars, Beston bumper car floor for sale now!

Beston Bumper Car Floor
BCF-1 Beston Bumper Car Floor

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Bumper Car Conductive Floor
BCF-2 Bumper Car Conductive Floor

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Electric Bumper Car Floor for Sale
BCF-3 Electric Bumper Car Floor for Sale

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Why do We Change the Bumper Car Floor Frequently?

That is because the conductive floor will be influenced by friction force when bumper cars are running on the floor. After many times, the floor have been damaged in a certain extent. It will become a hidden danger for bumper car ride and passengers. So it is very necessary for you to check and change the floor in some times. Beston bumper car floor is made up from some abrasion proof synthetic materials, it can be used in a longer time than other factory’s bumper cars floor. If you want purchase our bumper cars floor, Email Beston – a professional bumper cars manufacturer and supplier, and get the latest price!


Beston Electric Bumper Car Ceiling
BCF-4 Beston Electric Bumper Car Ceiling

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Bumper Car Floor for Sale
BCF-5 Bumper Car Floor for Sale

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Bumper Car Conductive Strip in Beston
BCF-6 Bumper Car Conductive Strip in Beston

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Advantages of Beston Bumper Cars Floor

  1. The high-quality conductive ceilings, conductive strips and floors for different kind’s electric bumper cars. We have acquired many qualified certifications on our best bumper floor.
  2. Professional service for setting up conductive ceilings, floors and assembling conductive strips with experienced installment engineers. If you have problems, just tell Beston, we will do our best to help you!
  3. Discount price. Beston bumper cars ceilings and floors are matched with our bumper cars ride, if you are interested with our products, we will give you a discount price.
Dodgem Bumper Cars Floor
BCF-7 Dodgem Bumper Cars Floor

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Electric Bumper Car Floor
BCF- 8 Electric Bumper Car Floor

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Electric Bumper Cars Floor
BCF-9 Electric Bumper Cars Floor

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How to Choose a Good Bumper Car Floor?

  • Good dodgem cars floor and ceilings is a very important for bumper car maintenance and upkeep! If you want change the conductive floor and strips with nice quality and affordable price, you should think about these tips before purchasing.
    Check the certification of bumper cars floor. Good bumper car manufacture will provide proper conductive floor and strips which is match your electric bumper cars fairground ride.
  • Measure the venue size. If you want change the whole bumper car floor, please check the place size before your purchase. Because different factory have different specifications on their bumper car floor.
  • Do the maintenance on time. Please make sure the floor is tidy without some sharp thing. These will be prevent some hidden dangers happen. Because bumper car conductive floor is very necessary and essential for an electric bumper car.

If you are looking for a best conductive floor for sale of electric bumper cars, Beston provide BEST bumper car floor for you! If you want know more information about our bumper car floor, welcome to click our official website and Email us to get the latest price!

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