Bumper Car Parts for Sale

Do you want change your broken or old parts of your bumper cars ride? Beston Amusement Equipment Company can help you! We all know the working principle of bumper cars, people can drive this amusement ride to crash and chase others when they are having fun with friends. So some parts are easily get broken, such as the LED lights, steering wheel and control bar. If you want replace the un-worked parts of your dodgem bumper cars, welcome to our factory. We manufactured and provide new bumper car parts for sale now! Leave your requirement here and send us Email with your problems.

Beston Bumper Car Cars

Bumper Car Cars for Sale

With developing of economy, people pay more attention on entertainment, so bumper car as an interesting amusement ride becomes popular among people. Beston has many types of bumper cars, and ...
Beston Bumper Car Floor

Bumper Car Floor

Beston have bumper car floor for sale! We know that electric bumper cars can be divided in two types, the ceiling grid electric bumper cars ride and the ground grid ...
Bumper Car Bodies for Sale

Bumper Car Bodies for Sale

High quality bumper car bodies for sale in Beston! A solid and high-strength bumper cars body is very important to a bumper car, because this fairground ride have to crash ...

Electric Bumper Cars Parts for Sale

Beston have various kinds of related parts of electric bumper cars. The essential parts of electric bumper cars control system are the conductive floor, conductive ceiling and connected wires. Besides, Beston also have bumper body for sale, bumper cars tires for sale and so on. All of our electric dodgem bumper cars are produced in good quality. If you want buy some relating parts of this fairground rides, welcome to contact us online or send Email to Beston!

Battery Bumper Cars Parts for Sale

Same as electric bumper cars amusement rides, battery operated dodgem cars also have some parts for sale in Beston. However, there is no need to purchase the conductive floor and ceiling for battery bumper cars. Because battery dashing cars have an independent power system with battery. And if you want alter the power system, Beston bumper cars battery for sale is a suitable option for you. In addition, we have Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics bumper car bodies for sale in low price. Beston have bumper cars seats for selling now. If you want replace some broken parts, contact us right now!

Inflatable Bumper Cars Parts for Sale

Inflatable bumper cars are manufactured with high quality PVC material. This kind bumper cars are very portable and easy to transfer. While, inflatable bumper cars rides have to be kept in a place with no fire. Because this PVC material is easily inflammable than FPR or and steel. If the inflatable bumper cars body is broken, you have to make a replacement immediately. Are you looking for a professional factory to manufacture this inflatable PVC material bumper cars body and electric battery? Beston Bumper Car Factory provide all parts you want. Please contact us as fast as possible on our website!

Bumper Cars Manufacturer – Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

With more over 20 years experiences in manufacturing bumper cars, Beston bumper cars fairground rides have been exported to many countries. And we received many good comments and build a good reputation from our clients. As a professional and specialized amusement rides manufacturer and supplier, we offer best products and service in selling our amusement rides. Beston have acquired many international certifications of our high quality playground rides. Good quality with affordable price makes Beston bumper cars popular in amusement rides industry. If you want know more information about our dodgem bumper cars for sale, welcome to chat us online, telephone us and send Email!

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