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Bumper cars are a popular amusement equipment in the market. On a large floor, tourists are riding a variety of bumper cars, rushing to the left and right, which is indefensible and extremely joyous, and can bring tourists a very happy feeling. Tourists do not need to worry about themselves. The rubber ring around the vehicle body can protect tourists well, and can bring tourists a wonderful and exciting experience in the environment. Bumper cars have always been very popular. They can attract the attention of tourists and bring huge profits for investors.

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Beston has newly launched a new style bumper car. There are new styles such as puppies, kittens, cakes, etc., which can attract children very well and bring good returns for investors. The bumper cars produced by Beston Amusement are colorful and non-fading, and have the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability, beautiful appearance, novel style, good performance, and adaptability to a wide range of venues.

Different Types of Bumper Car Price

As a leading bumper car rides manufacturer and supplier, Beston offer all types of new bumper cars for sale, we have electric net bumper cars, battery operated bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars and also water bumper cars. Different types of bumper cars comes with different prices, now let’s learn more about their prices.

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  • Electric Bumper Car Prices

Both of the bumper cars should be equipped with electric conduction floor, conductive wire and a firm fence surrounding. Investors need to pave plate floor and arrange circuit control system for electric bumper cars. If the area is 100 square meters, you had better spend at least 14000 dollars for it, 600 dollars for control cabinet and about 15000 dollars for 10 sets of bumper cars.

So, if you plan to set up the electric bumper car business, the lowest investment is about $ 30000. More attention, this cost does not include the transportation fees and construction fees.

  • Battery Operated Bumper Car Price

Compared with electric bumper cars price, the price of battery operated bumper car ride is cheaper. Because battery operated bumper cars do not need special conduction floor, ceiling and wire. What’s more, they can be used everywhere, the only thing you should do is to buy spare batteries.

  • Inflatable Bumper Car Price

Inflatable rubber bumper cars are economic, because they have no steel frame and special conductive floor to get power. The inflatable bumper cars are battery operated and the power system is equipped inside the bumper car body. Inflatable bumper cars is easy to operate and maintain. The PVC material of inflatable bumper cars cheaper than other materials.

  • Water Bumper Car Price

Water bumper car is similar with inflatable bumper cars. Usually one set of water bumper cars may be cost 1000USD to 2500 USD. Other information about price of bumper cars, you can contact with our sales manager.

Price Varies of Different Types of Bumper Cars

The power part, that is, the transmission mode of the motor and the driving wheel. This is the most important part of the bumper car, and it is also a vulnerable component. The motor drive must be designed reasonably to avoid burning the motor. The quality of the wheel is critical easily.

The control part, that is, the circuit control part that controls the operation of the entire vehicle, music, and lights can work normally. Some manufacturers have designed circuits that are very advanced, and the publicity is messy, but customers should consider whether simple faults can be started by themselves. Solve, whether the entire car can run normally even if the circuit is damaged, this is directly linked to your income. So when you choose, you ca n’t have less lights, music, and controls, but keep the circuit as simple as possible, and you can solve any problems at any time.

Manufacturer’s after-sales service guarantee. After-sales service is a major focus. Now there is after-sales service guarantee for shopping. When buying bumper cars, you must carefully communicate to confirm the after-sale, after-sales charges, etc.

How to choose new bumper cars from China? It does not matter! Come to Beston Amusement! We cannot only supply various amusement park rides for customers from different countries, but also provide park designs. At the same time, Beston can help you find some other amusement equipment suppliers, such as water park equipment, motion movies, electronic amusement machines, naughty forts, inflatable castles, entrance guard system, etc. Want to know details of bumper car price? Send your inquiry to Beston Amusement Now!

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