Bumper Car Types from Beston

There are many different types of bumper cars and many styles which including the three categories of sky net bumper cars, ground net bumper cars, and battery bumper cars. Now let’s learn more about these bumper cars.

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First introduce the Skynet Bumper Car and Ground Net Bumper Car. The ground network network bumper car is a new type of bumper car with ground network electrodes. The two electrodes of this bumper car are both on the floor. Since there is no Skynet on the bumper car field, various lighting effects can be installed on the ceiling of the car field, and the sound can be configured according to the changes in the light, thereby making the bumper car an even more attractive ride. The tourists personally drive the vehicle, bump, rub, rush, bump, excitement and happiness.

The second is the Skynet bumper car. The Skynet bumper car has a net in the sky. The sparks on the ceiling cause the Skynet board to conductively touch the bumper car. The ground requirements of the Skynet bumper car are greatly reduced, and the ordinary ground can be used. You have to make the ground permanent steel plate, and now the electrode contact is placed on the ground, and the ground is made of steel. Save space and facilitate transportation

Finally, the battery bumper car. Battery bumper cars are composed of machinery. The battery is installed in the car, which can be simple in operation and simple on the ground. As long as it is flat, it can be used, so many customers now buy it in the square, park, playground, shopping mall. Can be used, easy to disassemble and save money on transportation!

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