Bumper Cars for Sale In Kenya

Beston bumper cars and other amusement park rides has been exported to Kenya many times. You can get new bumper cars from Beston which includes inflatable bumper cars, electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, water bumper cars and etc. Want to buy some bumper cars now? Send your email to us!

Bumper Cars for Kenya
BNBK-01 Bumper Cars

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Bumper Cars for Sale In Kenya
BNBK-02 Bumper Cars

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Inflatable Bumper Cars for Kenya
BNBK-03 Inflatable Bumper Cars

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Features of Beston Bumper Car for Kenya

  • Rich experience in exporting and manufacturing all types of bumper cars.
  • Cheap factory price for Kenya.
  • Receive customized order for all bumper cars.

Steps for Choosing Bumper Cars from Beston

First of all, you can contact us by send inquiry to us. Then our sales manager will reply you as soon as possible. After disscussion about the bumper cars, size, quantity, color, other parameters and shipping details, you can close the order and pay 30% deposit to Beston Amusement. Then our factory will arrange the produce process and other things. For more information, contact us!

Total Cost of Running Bumper Cars In Kenya

First of all, you need to find a venue that can be indoors or outdoors. The location is relatively free and the investment method can be flexible. For example, some parks or amusement parks will rent some of the rides in order to reduce their investment pressure. This also provides investors with the opportunity to choose a children’s bumper car project.

Second, bumper car rides investment. Children’s bumper cars are usually divided into two types: ground net and battery, and the investment gap is relatively large which means the price is various.

Cost of Ground Grid Bumper Cars

First explain the specific configuration of the ground net bumper car: floor + electric cabinet + cable + manual + car + electricity

The floor is divided into a lighted floor and an ordinary floor, the price is about 400 square meters; the electric cabinet is about 8000-10000; the cable line is several; the labor cost is different; the car is generally about 7000; the electricity fee varies.

Cost of Battery Bumper Cars for Kenya

Battery bumper car specific configuration: hardened ground + car + battery + labor costs. The battery bumper car only needs to harden and level the ground to cost about 50 yuan per square; the car is about 5,000 yuan each; the battery is 1000 yuan / one; plus labor costs.

Estimate how much money you need to open a child bumper car. First of all, you must determine whether you want to choose a ground or a battery bumper car. If your venue is not fixed, it is recommended that you choose a battery bumper car. The relocation is more casual and the investment is relatively smaller.

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