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Are you looking for bumper cars for sale in Nigeria? Let’s see more about these bumper cars. Children bumper cars for Nigeira has once again created a new situation in the bumper car play era. It not only breaks the restrictions of the venue, but also has good quality, small weight, high safety performance, and is well received by users. It is mainly suitable for small venues. Avoid situations where you cannot open a business due to venue issues. Welcome to contact us for price.

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There are usually two people in the bumper car, with pedals for acceleration and a steering wheel for steering. The bumper car body is generally made of FRP demolding. The reinforcing material in FRP is glass fiber. Glass fiber is an inorganic fiber material drawn or blown from molten glass. Its main chemical components are silica, alumina, boron oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium oxide, and the like.

Bumper cars are a kind of amusement equipment that adults and children love in Nigeria. It can be said that every playground is indispensable now, but many investors do not know this device very much, and today I will introduce the main features of bumper cars component, hope this knowledge will be helpful when you choose!

  • Framework part: This part can be said to be the main presence to attract tourists. Choose some that look beautiful can bring more tourists, so here Beston reminds investors to try to choose a business with a beautiful appearance when choosing.
  • Operating system: The main function of this part is to control the direction and speed of bumper car amusement equipment. It mainly includes steering wheel, brake pedal, gearbox, etc.
  • Transmission: The main function of this part is to drive the car to make the car move under the power of the front and back.
  • Power part: This part is the core of a real bumper car. Its components are mainly batteries and motors, which are similar to electric cars in this respect.
  • Electrical instrument part: This part is the main device to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle and reflect the vehicle’s motion status. This part can effectively control the bumper car amusement equipment while driving.

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Bumper Car Customer Detection Standard for Nigeria

  • The diagonal dimension of anti-collision and undercover must not exceed 5 mm.
  • Before paving the floor, check that all the pull-out screws are not loose. The head of the pull-out screws should not exceed 8 mm when exposed.
  • Check whether the welding position is painted.
  • Check the anti-collision, whether all welds on the floor are qualified. (Weld 2.5 cm long for every 20 cm of floor, and 3 mm of weld height).
  • The gap between the floor and the floor must not be too large.
  • The splicing plane of the floor and the floor must not be uneven.
  • There must be no signs of rust on the floor.
  • The entire equipment must be clean.
  • Check bumper car lights and running speed.
  • Whether the equipment running time is normal, the time is 3-5 minutes.
  • Whether the installer’s service attitude is satisfactory.

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is based on strong technical force, flexible operating methods, novel product design, and excellent after-sales service. It continuously accumulates production experience, pioneers and innovates, strictly controls quality, and strives to improve in the children’s amusement toys industry Quality, high quality, high requirements, and more professional development, and strive to return the society with the best products. Become an enterprise with the best efficiency and service level! If you have a will, things will come true! Welcome new and old customers to visit us. Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is willing to work with customers to create the glory of China’s amusement industry, are you looking for new bumper cars for Nigeria park? Contact Beston Amusement for price list now.

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