Bumper Cars for Sale Zambia

Bumper cars for sale are often seen in amusement parks and indoor malls in Zambia. They receive high remarks of many families with children. The bumper cars can be customized in different appearances. What’s more, they move easily from one place to another place on the flat ground, as they don’t have a specific area. Want to buy some new bumper car rides for your business in Zambia? Contact Beston Amusement.

Bumper Cars for Sale Zambia
BNSA-06 Bumper Cars for Sale Zambia

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New Bumper Cars for Sale In Zambia
BNSA-01 New Bumper Cars for Sale In Zambia

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Battery Bumper Cars for Sale In Zambia

The battery bumper car for Zambia market belongs to the latest variety of bumper car amusement equipment. Its production is mainly due to the development of battery technology and the rise of new energy technology. It can travel 160km on a single charge, which can ensure the operation of the vehicle for a day. It is not only low energy consumption, but also safer, and completely solves the problem of ignition at the contact points of the skynet and ground net bumper cars.

Battery bumper cars has no requirements for the business site, only the ground is smooth, and no professional ground is required, which also greatly reduces the investment cost.

Inflatable Bumper Cars for Zambia
BBI-16 Inflatable Bumper Cars for Zambia

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Red Inflatable Bumper Cars for Zambia
BBI-18 Red Inflatable Bumper Cars for Zambia

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Battery bumper car is a kind of equipment suitable for all ages, with low investment, low energy consumption and high income. It is a “gold-absorbing” weapon. If you are entering the amusement equipment industry for the first time, this type of equipment must be indispensable.

Electric Bumper Cars for Sale In Zambia

Electric bumper cars can be divided into ground grid bumper cars and sky grid bumper cars according to different power supply directions. Grid bumper cars are traditional bumper cars that appeared earlier. Grid bumper cars are divided into sky and ground bumper cars. They need to be driven in a dedicated parking lot. They have stronger impact force than battery bumper cars. They are a kind of participatory entertainment equipment. Tourists personally drive, touch, wipe, sprint left and right. , It’s hard to prevent, it’s exciting and exciting.

Materials of Beston Bumper Car Rides for Zambia

The glass fiber reinforced plastic of our bumper car adopts double-layer glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacturing process, the structure is stronger, and the professional polishing workers are used to make it smoother to the touch. The car paint and car painting technology are adopted, which looks highly emulated, bright in color, and durable. These makes our bumper car rides more suitable for Zambia market.

Why Choose Bumper Cars for Your Business In Zambia

Beston Amusement designs and produce a great many kinds of bumper cars in different colors and sizes. Almost every part of bumper car rides from Beston can be customized according to your needs. In general, there are electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, inflatable bumper cars and etc. For the sizes, there are small bumper cars, medium bumper cars and large bumper cars. There are so many different types of bumper cars in our factory for you to choose. Welcome to buy these new bumper cars for your business in Zambia.

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