Caterpillar Bumper Car for Sale

Caterpillar bumper car is a kind of new design bumper cars for kids to play in the funfair and amusement parks. The caterpillar bumper car’s design inspiration comes from the caterpillar shape, exaggerated shape, cartoon-like avatar design, smooth and round body, bright lighting effects (body glow), etc., all make children feel like swimming in the fairy tale world! It is attractive to kids. Want to buy some new caterpillar bumper car for your business? Contact us now for price!

Kids Caterpillar Bumper Car for Sale
Kids Caterpillar Bumper Car

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Beston Caterpillar Bumper Car for Sale
Beston Caterpillar Bumper

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Small Kiddie Caterpillar Bumper Car for Sale
Small Kiddie Caterpillar Bumper Car

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Technical Parameters of Beston Caterpillar Bumper Cars

Driving Speed 1-100m/min Stepless speed regulation
Maximum Load 150kg
Brake Configuration Electronic Brake, Loose Foot Parking
Supporting Motor 12V50w*1P
Life Time 3-4 hours
Supporting Battery 12v-14AH /2ps
Supporting Charger 1.8A/1PS
Supporting Lighting Full-color LED
Supporting Controller Multi-function intelligent controller with voltage display function
Start Mode Wireless remote start and manual start
Voltage Display Standard configuration battery voltage display
Shell Material pp impact-resistant engineering plastic
Kids Caterpillar Bumper Car for Sale
Kids Caterpillar Bumper Car

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Cute Caterpillar Bumper Cars for Sale
Cute Caterpillar Bumper Cars

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Cute Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides for Sale
Cute Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides

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Features of Beston Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides

  • High-end and stable core controller: the self-developed controller is not sold out. Various functions such as collection time management, coin management, volume management, battery power management, running times management, etc., can fully meet the general indoor and outdoor stadium operations. Easy to operate, good stability and extremely low failure rate.
  • The new one-piece environmentally friendly PP plastic shell: light weight, good elasticity, strong flexibility, not broken, not broken, durable, high safety and stability. There is no color difference, and it is not easy to fade. It is integrally formed and will never fall apart. The service life, the user experience far exceeds the FRP shell. It is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and can be mass-produced in a short period of time, completely eliminating traditional glass fiber reinforced plastics.
  • Promise speed control: the latest thyristor electronic speed control, the speed range is large, spike conventional resistance speed control. Increase battery utilization and improve motor life. According to the flexible control of the speed of the children riding, the operation is more worry-free and the customers are more at ease.
  • Original parking unlock switch: A separate parking unlock switch is designed on the side of the kiddie bumper car, which is convenient for outdoor operators to drive the vehicle in a short distance, reduce the motor resistance, protect the core of the controller circuit, and can be used as an emergency power-off device. It is completely for the users and the operation is more economical. Heart, running safer.
  • Remote manual dual control: diversified starting methods, one remote control can control multiple vehicles without conflict through setting, and can also be started with a universal key, saving effort and effort. The installation of coin-operated devices can also activate coins. Every time it starts and ends, there is a reminder tone (Chinese and English are available for selection). It is more convenient and worry-free for guests to play.
  • MP3 music function: It comes with an SD card, and the music can be changed at any time. You can choose any song you want.
Cute Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides for Kids
Cute Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides

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Caterpillar Bumper Cars for Sale
Caterpillar Bumper Cars

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Beston Cute Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides
Beston Cute Caterpillar Bumper Car Rides

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The double seat design of this caterpillar bumper cars fully considers the comfort of the double ride. The front and rear seat design make the child safer between the arms of the adult. The seat sinks slowly, lowering the center of gravity and making the occupants more comfortable when riding. Both the seat and the footrest have anti-skid design, so that the occupant and the vehicle can generate greater friction when the vehicle collides, ensuring the safety of the rider.

As a leading bumper car rides manufacturer, Beston Amusement product different kinds of caterpillar bumper cars with cheap price. Our kiddie caterpillar bumper cars can be used for many places for commercial and private use. You can use these bumper cars at your backyard and also squares. Buy your new caterpillar bumper cars now!

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