Customized Bumper Cars Shipping to Kazakhstan

This page shows the case of customized bumper cars that is shipping to Kazakhstan. Beston will satisfies all your demands. This is a 306㎡(33*9.5m)large bumper car project that is opening at Kazakhstan by Beston group. If you want to build a new bumper car project in Kazakhstan, contact us now!

Customized Bumper Cars

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Diferent Types of Bumper Cars for Kazakhstan

  • Electric Bumper Cars for Kazakhstan

Electric bumper cars can be devided into two different types, which refers to ceiling grid bumper cars and ground grid bumper cars. You can choose the bumper car type according to your use.

  • Battery Bumper Cars for Kazakhstan

The battery bumper car is another mobile game facility developed after the ground network bumper car. Operating equipment only needs battery bumper cars and any level ground. A battery bumper car can be used for 6-8 hours at a time when fully charged, and it can run on concrete ground. Compared with ground-net bumper cars, they need to be on the ceiling or indoors. The car and the floor can be combined to operate. Battery bumper cars It has the characteristics of small investment, flexible site and strong mobility. The battery bumper car can be used for two people and is protected by a seat belt. The bumper car shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is exquisite and beautiful. Bumper cars rely on super-thick tires for collisions, wear-resistant and collision-resistant, the car has an acceleration pedal switch, and the 360-degree steering wheel can be flexibly controlled.

  • Inflatable Bumper Cars for Kazakhstan

Inflatable bumper car is popular among kids. The shell of the inflatable battery car is made of plastic gel coat technology, which has a high gloss and will not be discolored;
This car can be inflated into various cartoon animals and various models that children love. It is a historical new revolution in battery car products. It is children’s favorite amusement product. It has excellent safety and is the most ideal investment product for businesses.

When you need to buy new bumper cars for your business in Kazakhstan, no matter the business is a single bumper car project, or a large amusement park project. You can contact Beston Amusement for details. Our bumper cars has been exported to many countries, except Kazakhstan, we also exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Australia, Philippines and etc. Send your inquiry to us now!

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