Factors Affecting the Price of Bumper Cars

Bumper car amusement equipment is a device that can be operated by passengers operating the steering wheel, so it is very popular with tourists. It is because tourists like to ride that it attracts more investors who want to operate it. The following investor machine follows the pace of the editor to understand what the price of bumper cars is.

The price of the ground bumper car is relatively high, mainly because it must be laid with a conductive floor to operate normally, and the price of the floor must be added to the purchase of the vehicle. It’s just that it’s more convenient in the later management, no need to charge the vehicle every day, it is suitable for operation on a fixed site.

Price of Bumper Car
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Kids Inflatable Bumper Cars
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  • Cost and Sales Volume Impact

Product cost is the lowest economic limit for pricing. According to the analysis method of profit and loss by volume, the total price level in a certain period of time must exceed the production and sales quantity at the break-even point before there is a profit. Only in the case of bad market conditions, as a short-term expedient, can the selling price be lowered to a little higher than the variable cost. In actual work, the price of the product is set according to cost and profit. Cost can be decomposed into fixed cost and variable cost. The price of the product is sometimes determined by the total cost, and sometimes only by the variable cost. Cost is sometimes divided into social average cost and enterprise individual cost.

As far as the market price of similar products in society is concerned, it is mainly affected by the average social cost. In the case of sufficient competition, the individual cost of an enterprise is higher or lower than the social average cost, which has little effect on product prices. When pricing products, costs should not be treated in isolation, but should be considered in conjunction with factors such as output, sales, and capital turnover. The cost factor should also be considered in conjunction with other factors that affect the price. This aspect is also a factor that affects the price of bumper cars.

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  • Demand Relationship Impact

In addition to cost, product prices are also affected by market demand. That is, it is affected by the relationship between commodity supply and demand. When the market demand of the commodity is greater than the supply, the price should be higher; when the market demand of the commodity is less than the supply, the price should be lower. Conversely, price changes affect the total market demand, thereby affecting sales volume, and then affecting the realization of corporate goals. Therefore, when setting prices, companies must understand the impact of price changes on market demand. An indicator reflecting this degree of influence is the price elasticity coefficient of commodity demand, which is also a factor that affects the price of bumper cars.

  • National Policy Impact

The impact of this on product pricing is manifested in many ways. For example, national price policies, financial policies, tax policies, and industrial policies will directly affect the pricing of corporate products, and this aspect is also a factor that affects the price of bumper cars.

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The Price of Bumper Cars
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The Influence of Competitive Factors

Although companies generally adopt non-price competition in modern business activities, that is, relatively stable commodity prices, to reduce costs, improve quality, provide services, and strengthen sales and promotion to enhance their competitiveness, they cannot completely ignore the prices of competitors. Market competition is also an important factor affecting price setting. Depending on the degree of competition, corporate pricing strategies will vary. According to the degree of market competition, it can be divided into three situations: perfect competition, imperfect competition and complete monopoly. This aspect is also a factor that affects the price of bumper cars.

Bumper Cars

Of course, the driving method of the bumper car will also affect its price. The price of rear-drive bumper cars will be more expensive than that of the front-wheel drive. This is mainly due to the better operation of rear-drive vehicles and the complicated structure. If you want to get new bumper cars, welcome to contact Beston.

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