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Go karts for sale from Beston Amusement with cheap price. Amusement park go karts, also known as karts or mini racing cars. They are a kind of racing game for people in amusement parks and amusement parks. Drivers drive smaller karts than professional racing cars. Electric and gas-powered karts are the most popular types in our factory. Amusement park go karts are suitable for leisure use as well as beginners who want to become professional racing drivers. Want to buy some new go karts from Beston? Welcome to send your inquiry now!

One Seat Electric Go Karts
BJ-SKD01 One Seat Electric Go Karts

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One Seat Go Karts
BJ-SKD02 One Seat Go Karts

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Beston Go Karts for Promotion
The Model for Promotion

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As a leading go karts manufacturer and supplier, Beston Amusement provide four types of new go karts for sale, single seater go karts, double seat go karts, gas powered go karting and electric powered go karts. Among all of these, gas powered go karts are popular and hot sale with cheap price.

  • Single Seat Go Karts
  • Double Seat Go Karts
  • Gas Powered Go Karts
  • Electric Power Go Karts

The structure design of this amusement equipment for go-kart is relatively simple. It consists of steel pipe frame, steering system pedal, fuel tank, driver’s seat, bumper and other components. And the operation of this amusement ride is relatively simple. Even a novice, as long as you tell the simple operation method, you can quickly get started.

One Seat Gas Powered Go Karts
BJ-SKD03 One Seat Gas Powered Go Karts

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Two Seat Gas Powered Go Karts
BJ-SKD03 Two Seat Gas Powered Go Karts

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Two Person Go Karts from Beston
BJ-SKD04 Two Person Go Karts

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  • The structure of Beston go karts is very simple. It consists of steel pipe frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, transmission chain cover, driver’s seat and bumper.
  • Go karts are easy to drive, safe and exciting. When wearing protective helmets and gloves, the driver only needs to remember the left foot brake and the right foot gas pedal.
  • The go karts chassis is very low, only 4 centimeters above the ground, and the runway is smooth and flat. Once it slips out of the runway, the go kart will automatically stop and stop moving without overturning, ensuring the safety of the driver.
  • The frame of these go karts is made of square pass and welded channel steel, and the surface is painted.
  • Anti-collision devices are installed around the frame to protect the frame.
  • The seat is adjustable front and rear for safety and comfort.
  • The unique steering system makes steering flexible and light.
  • A differential is installed on the rear axle to make the car turn flexibly and reduce tire wear.

How to Play Go Karts?

The operation of the go-kart is left foot brake and right-foot throttle. The direction control is slightly different from that of the car. The steering wheel of the go-kart is steered 1: 1, which is more flexible in steering. Because the chassis of the kart is relatively low and is only a few centimeters from the ground, the runway must be smooth and flat. In addition to the roar of the kart, the experience is not as enjoyable as usual. Similar to other motor sports, go kart tires have different types of use suitable for tracking conditions:

Slick, dry track. There are many different combinations of slippery go-kart tires, from very soft (maximum grip) to very hard (entertainment and rental go-karts with less grip but long life). In international competitions, these are the softest tyres in motorsport because the driver can choose the tires freely and because of the short race time (up to 10 to 20 meters).
Rainy tires, or “wet”, wet weather. They are grooved and made of soft composites, narrower than smooth. Not all cars can use rain tires.

Special cases, such as icing conditions on iced tires, or “cut / groove” high grip / clay highways. Cuts are modified with a lathe to optimize processing. Tire manufacturers like Hoosier and Burris also produce a slightly larger grooved tire that is used only on dirt tracks.

Beston Amusement – Go Karts Manufacturer

Go-kart is a kind of amusement equipment designed and produced by Beston Amusement for customers. It is constantly innovated in technology and developed with new processes. It is more superior in performance and more humane in operation. It is an ideal choice for some customers. Our go karts has been exported to many countries, Such as USA, UK, Nigeria, Pakistan, Australia and etc. Want to get more information about these go karts? Welcome to our factory for more!

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