Ground Net Bumper Cars for Sale

Ground net bumper cars for sale you can buy from Beston Amusement company. It is a kind of kiddie amusement equipment that uses the ground conduction electricity to promote bumper cars to operate. The ground network bumper cars belongs to one of the most popular and most powerful new “ground network bumper cars” at home and abroad. The two electrodes for power supply are on the floor. The tourists can driving and rushing to the right, bumping, rubbing, and bumping. The defense is extremely stimulating. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of the bumper car is connected to the floor and directly connected by conductive devices. Interested to buy new ground-net bumper cars?

Ground-net Bumper Cars for Sale
BNBC-A Ground-net Bumper Cars

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Red Ground-net Bumper Cars
BNBC-B Red Ground-net Bumper Cars

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Appearance of Ground-net Bumper Cars

The design of the ground grid bumper car is the same as that of other common bumper cars. The design of the bumper car is novel and diverse, and the color matching is also very beautiful. These ground grid bumper car rides have six lights, eight lights, racing models, dual-back racing models, multi-lamp models and BMW models. The exterior of the bumper car is made of gel coat technology, high-quality tires from large professional manufacturers, artificial leather backs, polyurethane wheels, and upgraded control boxes. The control box has music and timing functions, is also equipped with high-quality speakers, and has a self-test function. After booting, the self-test of the entire car circuit has a voice prompt function and so on.

Kids Ground-net Bumper Cars
BNBC-C Kids Ground-net Bumper Cars

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Green Ground-net Bumper Cars
BNBC-D Green Ground-net Bumper Cars

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Working Principle of the Ground-net Bumper Car

The power supply method of the ground network bumper car is a power supply network composed of strip conductors. A plurality of conductive strips are arranged on a sufficiently large insulation board. The adjacent conductive strips have opposite polarities. The appropriate methods are each connected to the same-named end of the power supply. When an object moves freely in the power supply network, it can draw power or electrical signals from the power supply network through a sliding contact group. This block power supply network can be directly applied to power bumper cars in amusement parks. The bumper car activity place using this power supply method can no longer use ordinary steel plates and can directly use ordinary ground.

How Ground-net Bumper Cars Works

Ground network bumper cars run on the ground. According to the type of equipment, they are bumper cars. Bumper cars can run freely in a fixed parking lot. The car bodies can collide with each other. Equipped with a sensitive 360-degree steering system, the vehicle is equipped with seat belts and fences around the frame. Visitors can drive the bumper car in the lane by themselves. Exercise freely and fully exert your driving skills. This game does not require drivers to follow traffic rules, it is purely fun and exciting game project. Interested in buying these ground grid bumper cars? Welcome to contact us for price list!

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