How Does the Ground Net Bumper Car Get Powered?

The ground net bumper car needs to use a dedicated conductive method to drive on a dedicated bumper car yard on a specific occasion. It has a strong impact. It is a participatory entertainment device. Tourists drive, bump, rub, left, and right. Exciting. So how does the ground network bumper cars use batteries and no wires?

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The old-fashioned method of powering the ground-net bumper car is to draw electricity from the ceiling using brushes. The opposite polarity is used between adjacent floor blocks, and the brushes on the bottom of the car come in contact with different polarities to supply power. The width of the car exceeds the width of the floor block, and there are more than 3 brushes on the bottom of the car to ensure that there can be contact with plates of different polarities in any state, thereby providing uninterrupted power supply. In this power supply method, because people may step on different floor blocks, there is a possibility of electric shock, and conductive objects may be dropped to cause short circuits, so the power supply voltage cannot be high, and the power of the car is relatively small.

The new ground-grid bumper car power supply is also called ground-grid power supply: a power supply network composed of strip-shaped conductors is a large enough insulation board to arrange a number of conductive bars, and the polarity of adjacent conductive bars In contrast, each conductive strip is connected to the same-named end of the power supply in a suitable way. These are performed on a steel plate called a ground network bumper car. Therefore, when the ground network bumper car is installed and operated, these connected devices must be Very strict, so as to fully guarantee the normal operation of bumper cars. When an object moves freely in the power supply network, it can draw power or electrical signals from the power supply network through a sliding contact group. This block power supply network can be directly applied to power bumper cars in amusement parks. The bumper car activity place using this power supply method is generally laid with steel plates on the ground as the site for the bumper car activity.

The ordinary ground network bumper car is directly used to conduct electricity to the bumper car through the ground steel plate. This strip-shaped power supply network can be directly applied to power bumper cars in amusement parks. Bumper cars using this kind of power supply method have a special place of activity. Be sure to lay steel plates on the ground as a specific site for the ground network bumper cars. Other questions about the ground net bumper car rides? Welcome to contact Beston Amusement for details!

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