How to choose new bumper cars?

Bumper cars has been one of the most popular amusement rides in the amusement parks, funfairs and many other places. But how to choose new bumper cars for your business? Here are some tips for you.

First of all, get more information about the power, which means, the transmission method of the bumper car motor and the driving wheel, it is also a vulnerable part. The motor drive should be planned reasonably to prevent burning of the motor. The quality of the wheel is crucial, and it should be wear-resistant and replaceable.

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Second, know more about control of the bumper car, that is, control the whole bumper car operation, music, lighting can operate the circuit of some of the normal operation, some manufacturers planning the circuit is very leading, the promotion is not marginal, but you have to know, whether you can handle the simple problems, the whole car can still operate normally in the case of circuit damage, which is directly affect your income. Therefore, when choosing a kids battery bumper car, the lights, music, and control are not the same, but the circuit should be as simple as possible, and problems can be handled at any time.

Third, bumper car manufacturer’s after-sales service guarantee is also a very important point to consider. Bumper car, a kind of amusement equipment that is popular among kids. Children’s battery bumper cars are also a good way to vent their dissatisfaction. Bumper cars are also ideal to children’s hearts. Children’s battery bumper car operators usually rent a fixed place, and the ground can be on the marble floor. It can also be on the terrazzo floor, of course, so on the concrete floor, only the flat ground is needed.

Bumper car operators generally go to the bumper car manufacturers to investigate the practical functions of the bumper cars. After determining the relevant questions of the bumper cars, they will purchase them. In general, the bumper car operators will purchase more than a dozen units. Of course, this is mainly the place where the bumper car operators are located. The size has been decided. As a place operator, don’t put too many style bumper cars on a place. It seems to be relatively chaotic, that is, you can pick a style and put more color. Children’s battery bumper car is a kind of very active play equipment. Visitors can control it by touch, rub, rub, and hit right. It is very influential, and it can affect the excitement in the play. Enjoy the thrill of a bumper car.

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