How to Drive a Bumper Car

If you want buy bumper cars in your park, first thing you should know is what a bumper car is and how a bumper car works. That means we have to know how to drive a bumper car and the working principle. Bumper cars fairground ride is a manual control electric powered playground car. It is can be called as dodgems or dashing car as well. The working principle is very similar with go kart or automobile. When bumper car is being activated, driver should control the steer wheel and step the throttle for more power. Because of the dodgem bumper cars do not have the car brake, if you want stop, just release the throttle. And if you want go back, turn the steer wheel in anticlockwise direction.

How does an Electric Bumper Cars Ride Work?

We all know that all the bumper cars are powered by electricity. Electric dodgem bumper cars have three kinds’ power supplying systems. A ceiling grid bumper car draws current from the ceiling grid through a hot rod and the current drives a motor in bumper car body. When the motor is activated, it drives wheels to rotate through a belt.A floor grid bumper car draws power from the conductive floor, conductive brushes under the vehicles setting properly to cover any two strips mounted opposite polarities. That ensures to form a complete circuit.

How does a Battery Operated Bumper Cars Ride Work?

A battery powered bumper car is powered by batteries inside the car, the batteries are rechargeable and dischargeable. When the switch is on, devices in bumper car body forms a complete circuit. Same with electric bumper cars, visitors just need to step the accelerator to speed up and turn around the steering wheel to alter the direction. And chase for the target with fast speed. Bumper cars is very easy to drive, all ages passengers will drive it well in short time. However, the bumper cars cannot drive on the street or as a training go karts, because dashing bumper cars do not have brake system. So just play it as an amusement equipment.

Matters Need Attention When Driving Bumper Cars

  1. Because the bumper car ride is a high speed driving fairground rides, please make sure the safety belt is worked and not be broken. If you find the safety equipment doesn’t work well, please change the bumper car and contact with supplier to buy a new one.
  2. Bumper cars should be kept in the area where cannot be caught in the rain. Although battery operated bumper cars can be used in some outdoor playgrounds, for safety, you have better change the place when raining.
  3. Electric bumper cars need a special conductive floor and strips to get through electricity power. So keep the floor clean is necessary for you when you are driving electric powered bumper cars.
  4. If you have some problems have to stop the bumper car, please find a suitable place to stop the car and call for the staff. Do not walk in the venue freely because it is very dangerous for you and other visitors.

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