Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

Different types of Ice bumper cars for sale from Beston Amusement! Do you enjoy bumper cars in the summer and ice skating in the winter? If so, you’re in luck. Now, we developed a new amusement ride—ice bumper cars! Your amusement parks need our new ice bumper cars, which is suitable for all ages of people. As its interesting and thrill and other advantage, ice bumper car will welcomed by people from all over the world. Riders can drive their own ice bumper cars traveling in the amusement parks freely and display their driving skills when colliding, dodging. Each car has a wheel for steering and an accelerator pedal to get it moving. Ice bumper cars are required by your amusement cars or theme parks, plazas, malls. Contact us whenever you are looking for ice bumper cars. We will reply you price list soon.

Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Sale
BIBC-01 Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

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Cheap Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Sale
BIBC-02 Cheap Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Sale

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Best Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston
BIBC-03 Best Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

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Introduction of Beston Ice Bumper Cars

Battery ice bumper car is one kind of recreational facility which is self-controlled. This kind of ice bumper car is suitable for sky holidays, frozen heaven and so on. Actually, ice bumper cars for sale is also called bumper cars on ice. We can supply many different models of kiddie rides which can meet most of our client’s demands.  This is such a fun to drive indiscriminately from left to right. Face to face with the adversary only the brave one wins. Ice bumper car is available for people at all ages. Passengers will enjoy thrill and happiness during drive ice bumper cars.

The Main Technical Parameters of Ice Bumper Car Rides

Product name Ice bumper car
Control system 1) Remote operated

2) Coin&remote operated

Color Orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or customized
Material Car body: Fiber glass

Tube: 0.90 mm pvc tarpaulin

Loading Weight 200 kg(one adult and one child)
Battery 12V55A*2pcs
Motor Power 180W*2pcs
Package Wooden case for export
Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston
BIBC-04 Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Beston

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Cheap Ice Bumper Cars in Beston
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Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Cheap
BNIC-06 Ice Bumper Cars for Sale in Cheap

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Main Features of Ice Bumper Car for Kids and Adults

  • 360 degree free spinning
  • Colorful LED lighting
  • Support SD card function to play music
  • Adjustable playing time and support wireless control
  • Suitable for mobile funfair/park/indoor game center/shopping mall and etc.
  • Five colors (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Blue) for FRP car body. Any combination color for inflatable tube is optional.

Details and Advantages of Bumper Cars on Ice

  • We will provide best quality products and competitive price for you.
  • Each type has 2 forward speed. When one joystick is on frontward position, the other is on backward position, the car would has 360 degree rotation.
  • Steel skeleton and 4 PE wheels make the car strong enough to load 200Kg (Adult type) at most.
  • Give you suggestions for equipment selection. Make design for you according to your playground information and requests.
  • Featured with double 12-volt rechargeable battery make the car has monster power to go on smooth surface or rough terrain.
  • We will provide some workers to guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.
  • 4 charge modes: Coin system (token coin is supplied), Remote control system, Timer system and magnetic system.
  • Send engineers to your site to supervise your workers to install the equipment.
Ice Bumper Cars for Amusement Park in Beston
BIBC-07 Ice Bumper Cars for Amusement Park in Beston

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Ice Bumper Cars for Adults in Beston
BIBC-08 Ice Bumper Cars for Adults in Beston

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Ice Bumper Cars for Kids in Beston
BIBC-09 Ice Bumper Cars for Kids in Beston

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Requirements to Ride Beston Ice Bumper Cars

  1. To operate a car alone, you must be at least 6 years old and no more than 70 years old.
  2. In order to carry a passenger, the operator must be at least 18 years old and the passenger must be between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Maximum combined weight of all occupants = 200 kg.

Our Service

  1. Warranty period, we will offer spare parts free, or we may send you the spare part transport with the products.
  2. Provide install video and English manual, if needed, we may send the professional engineer to guide you how to install.
  3. Professional salesman helps you know the process of your product.
  4. We always on line and accept your feedback.
  5. In case the machine is beyond the warranty period, we can offer the parts cheaply.
  6. 24 hour technical supporting provides a professional after-sale team and independent customer profile.
  7. We have been engaged in this industry for more than10 years and our full experience will meet the reasonable demand of you.
  8. Give you suggestions for the equipment selection. Make design for you according to your land information and requests.
  9. If necessary will send engineers to your site to supervise your workers to install the equipment.
  10. Guide your staff to operate the equipment and to manage the water park.
Ice Bumper Cars for Amusement Park in Low Price
BIBC-10 Ice Bumper Cars for Amusement Park in Low Price

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Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Adults
BIBC-11 Beston Ice Bumper Cars for Adults

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Beston Ice Bumper Cars with High Quality
BIBC-12 Beston Ice Bumper Cars with High Quality

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Why Choose Beston’s Ice Bumper Cars

  • Directly Manufacturer! High quality assured with competitive price.
  • Rich experience in exporting and know better what the customer wants.
  • Design your products as you like, patterns, colors and shapes can be customized.
  • Try our best to meet your needs & save your budget and help clients to make large profit with our equipment.
  • Excellent after-sale service, worry free purchasing.
  • Provide park design service for free.
  • Very popular in Middle East, Russia, Africa, South America and other countries.

Advantages for You to Install New Ice Bumper Car Rides

  • Strong sense of game experience: Compared with traditional bumper cars, ice bumper cars are more entertaining. The traditional bumper cars have rough ground and high friction. When the vehicle collides, under the influence of the acting force and the reaction force, the vehicle produces The displacement is small, and the game is not stimulating. The bumper cars on ice are used on ice. The friction of the field is very small. When the car body collides, the impact force and rebound force will cause the vehicle to produce a relatively large The displacement of, will also be accompanied by the effects of steering and rotation, the thrill of the game is greatly enhanced, and in a larger displacement, it will collide with other bumper cars on the ice, causing a chain reaction, making the game more antagonistic and interactive Even better, it is easy to bring all the visitors in the venue into the game, so as to have a full-fledged competition to create and enjoy the joy together.
  • The driving method is simple: Traditional ski equipment must have some professional skills before using it, such as snowboards, which are not easy for beginners to master, and consume a lot of physical energy during use, which is difficult to play for a long time. The driving method of bumper cars on ice is simple and easy to learn. As long as you remember the positions of a few switches, you can drive freely. Both adults and children can adapt quickly and put into the game quickly.
  • High safety: There are inflatable cushion airbags around the ice bumper car, which can effectively dissipate the impact force. Even if the impact is released, a large displacement will be generated, and the passengers will not have the discomfort of inertial weightlessness. Accidents such as rollover will occur, so the safety factor is very high, and you can use it with confidence.
  • Strong endurance: The ice bumper car uses batteries as the driving force, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. There will be no safety hazards such as excessive exhaust due to the large number of people in the game. The battery life is superb, so there is no need to worry about normal business due to power failure.
  • Beautiful appearance: The bumper cars on ice have various shapes and brilliant colors. With LED decorative lights, the equipment will attract the attention of tourists and stimulate consumption.
  • Convenient management: The timing control module is added to the bumper cars on the ice, making it easier for operators to manage.

High Quality Ice Bumper Cars Manufacture— Beston Amusement Equipment Company

Established more than ten years, Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest amusement manufacturers in China, producing over 30 different kinds of bumper cars. Based on more than 10 years experiences, we’ve been providing professional services for indoor and outdoor amusement center planing, themed decoration, amusement ride installation, personnel training, amusement ride industry etc. For years, we have possessed advanced technology and accumulated great experiment in the field of ice bumper cars. Furthermore, we are devoted to researching and developing a lot of new bumper cars to enlarge our business scope. We are always aiming to produce more quality bumper cars to repay both old and new customers. Thanks to customers and supports of friends from all over the world, we believe that we can have a prosper future together.

If you are looking for an interesting amusement rides on a cold weather to add in your park project. Beston ice bumper car is a good choice. Compared with other items, it doesn’t need to put so much money on it, small investment and most people both like it. Kids can play with their friends around the bumping area, and bumping each other safety.

If you have any question about the ice bumper cars, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to your requests about these new ice bumper car rides!

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