Kuku Bear Bumper Cars for Sale

Kuku bear bumper car is the latest children’s electric amusement equipment which developed by Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. The body of the kuku bear bumper car is made of high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, with high-strength anti-collision rubber bumper to protect the vehicle, famous brand battery, driven by a super-powered motor, the stylish subwoofer plays music, and you can download any song you like. Want to buy this kuku bear bumper car for your funfair?

Pink Kuku Bear Bumper Cars
BNBK-01 Pink Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

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Green Kuku Bear Bumper Cars
BNBK-02 Green Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

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Yellow Kuku Bear Bumper Cars
BNBK-03 Yellow Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

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Features of Kuku Bear Bumper Car

The kuku bear bumper car is controlled by remote control. One remote control can control multiple cars at the same time, easy to manage! Kuku bear bumper cars have cute shapes, a variety of cartoon avatars, novel styles, more visual impact, and can attract children’s attention. Mimi’s car is petite and can be played in a small open space without being restricted by the venue. The bumper car can set the length of time according to your needs, walks smoothly and rotates freely.

The exaggerated shape of the kuku bear bumper car, the cartoon-like avatar design, the smooth and round body, the bright lighting effect (body glow), etc., all make the children feel like they are swimming in the world of fairy tales. Kuku bear bumper car is powered by batteries. They belongs to battery bumper cars which is easy to operate for kids.

Red Kuku Bear Bumper Car
BNBK-04 Red Kuku Bear Bumper Car

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Gold Kuku Bear Bumper Cars
BNBK-05 Gold Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

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Blue Kuku Bear Bumper Car
BNBK-06 Blue Kuku Bear Bumper Car

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Technical Parameters of Beston Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

Name Kuku Bear Bumper Cars
Size of the Car 125*80*78cm
Package Size 130*80*80(0.7m³)
Driving Speed 1-100m/min Step-less speed regulation
Weight 26kg
Max load capacity 100kg
Brake Configuration Electronic brake, loose foot parking
Motor 12V50w
Battery 12v-14AH /2ps
Lighting System 3groups 46ps
Charger Equipped with charger
Supporting Controller Multifunctional intelligent controller with voltage display function
Start-up method Wireless remote start and manual start
Voltage Standard configuration battery voltage display
Shell Material New anti-aging and impact-resistant environmental protection engineering plastic

Two Seat Design of Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

The two-person seat design fully takes into account the comfort of a two-person ride. The front and rear seat design of Kuku bear bumper cars makes the children safer between the arms of the adults. The seat sinks slowly, lowering the center of gravity, and making the occupants more comfortable when riding. The seats and footsteps have anti-skid design, so that the occupant and the vehicle can generate greater friction when the vehicle collides, and ensure the safety of the rider.

Be Attention for Buying New Kuku Bear Bumper Cars

  • The standard configuration of the Kuku bear bumper car does not have a coin acceptor. If you want to install it separately, please communicate with our sales manager and designer separately, they will add for you.
  • The shell color of Beston Kuku bear bumper cars has six colors in stock now: green, red, pink, blue, yellow and gold. Please note clearly when you placing an order.

Kuku Bear Bumper Cars from Beston

Beston Amusement, as a professional bumper car rides and go karts manufacturer, has rich experience in exporting these rides to many different countries, Pakistan, Nigeria, Canada, UK, South Africa, Australia and etc. We have many different types of new design bumper cars for sale. If you are interested in this Kuku bear bumper car, send your inquiry to us now!

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