Maintenance Operation Process and Steps for Bumper Cars

Bumper car is a lot of people’s favorite amusement equipment. It is the most attractive equipment in the playground. It is divided into battery bumper cars and ground nets, children, doubles and other types. According to the types and styles of cars operated by different people. It’s all different.

In the playground, there are many types of battery and ground network cars. Because these two cars are more convenient to operate and do not require a large area, battery cars are generally selected in some small and medium-sized playgrounds. To run a business. In the course of business, you must first understand the car, be proficient in operating the car, master the knowledge of the car, and prevent you from knowing how to deal with it when it appears. So, how to operate when inspecting the battery car, what are the operating steps? Today, Beston amusement equipment battery bumper car manufacturers will tell the operation steps of checking the car.

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  • The first step is to open the bumper tailboard and check whether the car battery wiring is connected to the brake knife. When checking the car line, remember not to pull the line too fast to break the thin line. Turn the car over to check whether there are street parts on the line of the car. There is a grounding phenomenon when it comes off or is loose or damaged. Some cars remove all the wires of the line for safety reasons before leaving the factory to ensure the safety of the car.
  • The second step is to check all the equipment for safety and normal operation. Turn on the main power switch, set the time, start the bumper car and press the control switch on the handle to control the operation and stop of the vehicle.
  • The third step is to check that the battery is exhausted and then charge it. Each charge should be no less than 5 hours and no more than 12 hours. There should be no dangerous items nearby when charging to avoid other accidents. The battery should not be placed on the car during charging to avoid causing fire. The charger should be ventilated. The battery will heat up during charging. At this time, please open the car cover to maintain good ventilation. Do not stack multiple chargers together. Charging.

Bumper cars can only be operated on flat, hard ground, and professional venues are required to play, not close to water sources, steep slopes, trench walls and other venues. Children must be accompanied by their parents in the process of playing. The car should be as far back as possible, and do not bend over suddenly to avoid rollover.

The above is the step of checking the battery bumper car. If there are other problems during the operation, you cannot solve them yourself. You can consult the manufacturer who purchased the car to solve the problem and ensure that the car is operating in a safe state. Therefore, when buying, you must choose a large manufacturer to buy, so that you can guarantee the quality of the amusement equipment and after-sales service.

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