New Bumper Car for Sale

New bumper cars for sale in Beston Amusement is a classic amusement rides for kids, which favored by kids and adults. People who manipulate this ride can get a feeling of excitement and thrilling. Manipulating bumper cars as real as manipulate normal cars. Kids can learn how to drive through these experiences. Every amusement park should not be without bumper cars, at least, you should have one kind of new type bumper cars. We have three types of new bumper cars, including new ceiling grid bumper car, ground grid bumper car and battery bumper car. Whichever you need, Beston can meet your requirements! So, contact us now for price of these new design bumper cars!

Beston New Bumper Cars for Sale
BBN-01 New Bumper Cars

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Beston New Bumper Car Rides for Sale
BBN-02 Beston New Bumper Car Rides

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New Bumper Car Rides for Sale
BBN-03 New Bumper Car Rides

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Our New Bumper Cars’ Description in Cheap Price

Floor-net bumper car is electric bumper cars, which draw power from the floor, and which are turned on and off remotely by an operator. They are also known as bumping cars, dashing cars, and dodgem cars. It needs lay the armor plate on the floor, then input electricity to the armor plate,so the cars running on the armor plate.

Hippo New Bumper Car Rides
BBN-04 Hippo New Bumper Car

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Tiger New Bumper Cars for Kids
BBN-05 Tiger New Bumper Cars

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Penguin New Bumper Cars for Kids
BBN-06 Penguin New Bumper Cars

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The ceiling grid bumper car is the most classic and common dodgem car. The bumper cars run on electricity, carried by a pole on the back of the car that results in a wire grid in the ride’s ceiling. This grid carries the electricity that runs the car.

Battery-driven bumper car’s power by Batter. It doesn’t need any special floor or ceiling, and is widely used. Battery cars also can control and manipulate by riders.

New Bumper Cars With 2 Seats
BBN-07 New Bumper Cars With 2 Seats

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Grand New Bumper Cars - Yellow
BBN-08 Grand New Bumper Cars

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Funfair New Bumper Cars for Kids
BBN-09 Funfair New Bumper Cars

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Where is New Bumper Car for Sale Available?

Weather in amusement parks or theme parks, even plaza, gardens, supermarkets, malls and other outdoor or indoor playground. New bumper cars are suitable for all ages of people. So many places can use this interesting amusement ride to appeal people and earn money! At the same time, when you need to buy new bumper cars for your funfair, amusement park, theme parks, you can buy them from a reliable manufacturer. New bumper cars always available in different factory.

Beston New Bumper Cars - Grand Yellow Bumper Car
BBN-10 Beston New Bumper Cars

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New Bumper Cars In Factory
BBN-11 New Bumper Cars

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New Bumper Cars In Beston WorkShop
BBN-12 New Bumper Cars In Beston Workshop

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Why Choose Beston to Buy New Bumper Cars for Your Funfair?

  • We are the Direct Manufacturer, no third party, competitive price with high quality bumper cars.
  • Never keep you waiting:Your inquiry will be replied in 24hours.We own lots of professional workers, engineers, and professional technicians.
  • Rich export and production experience of different kinds of new bumper cars.
  • More than 30000 square meters factories in producing new bumper cars.
  • Every worker is formed before work.
  • All the fiber glass is 3-5mm,very strong, all our painting is baked by high temperature, not fade,we have professional baking room.
  • Good after-sale service.
  • Fast delivery. We will ship you order rides as quickly as you can.
New Beatles Bumper Cars
BBN-13 New Beatles Bumper Cars

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New Blue Beatles Bumper Cars
BBN-14 New Blue Beatles Bumper Cars

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Types of New Beatles Bumper Car Rides
BBN-15 Types of New Beatles Bumper Car Rides

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How to Manipulate the New Bumper Car Rides?

When players sit in the car, they will drive the car to bump other people’s cars. The safe belt confirms rider’s safety. They can control the direction and speed of the new bumper cars. Steering wheel controls direction, throttle control speed. During the time, they can feel the face-to-face feeling and experience the feeling of victory. Many players can enjoy themselves in this game.

Advantages of New Bumper Cars In Beston Amusement

  • Electrical bumper car: need to match with special floor and a control cabinet. Battery bumper car is also available with this design.
    Luxury outlook, nice colors, and durable working life.
  • Professional technique, highest quality, reasonable price.
  • Bumper car is made of Fiber Reinforce Plastic and Steel, and used environmental material which is corrosion-resistant and stable which is strong enough.
  • It can bump, chase, the fashionable design, soft seat, and agility steering wheel.
  • Bumper car is equipped with gorgeous light and wonderful music, and it has nonredeemable and non-fading painting.
  • It is easy to control, less maintenance rate.
  • The color and appearance of bumper car can be customized.

It is of great necessary to build the bumper cars for your park and it is worth to invest in various bumper cars, which can bring a lot more benefits for your investment.

FAQs When You Want to Buy New Bumper Cars

Q: How About The Installation?
A: We will send you the installation documents of new bumper cars for your reference. If you can’t install it by your side, we can dispatch an engineer to your place to assist the installation of new bumper cars.
Q: What Certificates You Have? Can Your Rides Exported to Other Countries?
A: We have CE, BV and ISO9001 in hand. Our new bumper cars have adopted the related quality check and safety check. And our new bumper cars have been exported to Greece, Romania and Korea for many years.
Q: If The Rides Are Broken In One Year, How will You Repair It?
A; If the sides are broken naturally not by human, we will send you the parts free; but if it is broken by human, your side has to pay all the cost.
Q: Can It Be Customized?
A; All our rides can be customized according to your requirements.

Our Services for New Types of Bumper Cars

We will reply your inquiry about our new bumper car in 24 hours. Logo on the new bumper cars can be printed as your requirement. We will be responsible for any broke which is caused by product-self and quality problem. Other situations which are caused by wrong operation, man-made problems etc will be at buyer’s own risk, and we will help to solve by video ASAP. If big problem we will send engineers to work on site within one week.

About Beston Amusement Equipment Company – High Quality Bumper Cars

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd. supplies various amusement equipment for sale with high quality: thrill rides, kiddie rides and family rides, and the main products includes amusement park trains, carousels, bumper cars, pirate ship rides, swing ride and many other amusement park equipment. Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, is the renowned and professional designer and manufacturer of quality amusement rides for sale in China. Our products are commonly used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, community, playgrounds, kindergartens and other places.

We have high quality new bumper cars in low price. We have skilled workers and designers to ensure the high quality of new bumper cars. Our Market is all over the world, such as USA, Germany, the UK, Korea, Japan, Spain, Chile, Russia, South Africa, Finland, etc.With honest deal, we establish friendly business relationship with our customers, all of them feedback a good performance.Our goal is to build a long lasting and mutually profitable relationship with every customer.Our Pursuit is to provide superior quality products and competitive price.

When you need new bumper cars for your amusement parks, we hope you can first think of Beston Amusement Equipment Company! And it is our pleasure! Choose us will be your best choice! Please contact us, welcome to pursue our best new bumper cars for your park!

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