Parts for Bumper Car Rides

When you want to buy new bumper cars, you may want to know more about these rides. Now let’s learn more abou this bumper cars from Beston Amusement. Here is the parts for bumper car rides.

Tire: The tire is composed of inner tube and outer tube. It mainly plays the role of buffering the collision strength between bumper cars and other vehicles and fences. If there is too little gas in the tires, bumper cars will not have a buffering effect during collision, which is likely to cause damage to the human body. Many of them are prone to cause flat tires, and there are hidden dangers; generally, the tire pressure is between 0. 18-0. 2MPa.

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Steering wheel: The basic gameplay of bumper cars is closely related to the steering wheel. The control principle is similar to that of driving a car in daily life. The only difference is that two consecutive left turns can make the vehicle back. In addition, according to different manufacturers’ production processes, the existing anti-collision steering wheel, Steering wheel, vibration steering wheel, etc.

Safety belts: Among many different kiddie amusement equipment, safety belts are almost one of the essential configurations. According to bumper car riding regulations, both the steering wheel passenger and the passenger in the front passenger seat must fasten their seat belts before playing. At present, safety High-strength belts suitable for outdoor use, such as nylon braided belts, should be used. The mainstream safety belts must pass the CCC standard.

Chassis: The chassis is generally composed of a welded metal frame and multiple connection plates. Its main function is to fix the interior parts of the car. Three factors, such as reasonable design, firm welding, and high processing precision, will determine the service life of the bumper chassis. In addition, With the manufacturer’s research on production technology, all-fiberglass chassis, all-iron chassis, half-iron and half-fiberglass chassis have also appeared on the market.

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