Safety Knowledge of Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are different from other equipment. They need to pass strict high-precision testing before they can leave the factory. The safety of amusement equipment is the most important thing for manufacturers when producing. Operation safety, ride safety, construction safety, etc., the most important thing is all Electrical equipment electrical safety, today Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. talks about the major issues of electrical safety of downstream musical equipment:

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Insulation of Bumper Cars

The bumper car amusement equipment is insulated by enclosing the charged body with an insulator. Of course, the insulation of electrical equipment should meet its corresponding voltage level, environmental conditions and use conditions; the insulation of electrical equipment must not be damp, the surface must be free of dust, fibers or other dirt, there must be no cracks or discharge marks, and the surface gloss must not decrease , There must be no brittle cracks, breakage, elasticity must not disappear, no odor during operation. The electrical index of insulation is mainly insulation resistance, which is measured with a megohmmeter. In any case, the insulation resistance shall not be lower than 1000Ω per volt working voltage, and shall meet the requirements of professional standards.

Screens of Bumper Cars

Bumper car amusement equipment screen users use fences, shields, covers, box gates, etc. to isolate the charged body from the outside world. The screen device should have sufficient size and ensure a sufficient safety distance from the charged body: the distance between the barrier and the low-voltage bare conductor should not be less than 0.8m; the distance between the mesh barrier and the bare conductor, and the low-voltage equipment should not be less than 0.15m 10kV equipment should not be less than 0.35m. The screen protection device should be installed firmly; the screen protection device made of metal material should be reliably grounded (or connected to zero); the fence and fence should be hanged with signs as needed; the door of the entrance and exit of the fence should be installed with signal devices and interlock devices as required .

The Distance Between Bumper Cars

The distance between bumper cars and amusement equipment is to place the charged objects that can be touched out of the range that can be touched. Its safety function is basically the same as that of the screen. A certain safety distance must be maintained between the charged body and the ground, between the charged body and trees, between the charged body and other facilities and equipment, and between the charged body and the charged body. The size of the safety distance depends on factors such as high and low voltage, equipment type, environmental conditions and installation methods. The spacing of overhead lines must take into account the effects of temperature, wind, icing and environmental conditions. In low-voltage operation, the distance between the human body and the tools it carries and the charged body should not be less than 0.1m.

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