Spinning Bumping Cars for Sale

Spinning bumper cars are one of the most interesting rides that you can find at carnivals, amusement parks, and family recreation centers. While riding in these cars and bashing into friends can be a lot of fun, people haven’t experienced anything until they have tried out the new spinning bumper cars. As you might guess from their name, these unique bumper cars in Beston are designed to spinning in circles when they are hit. This adds a whole new element of fun to the ride. Your amusement parks must need our spinning bumping cars, so contact us! Get those interesting amusement rides SPINING BUMPER CARS in low cost, and get high reply as much as you can!

Spining Bumper Cars from Beston
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Spining Bumper Cars from Beston
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How to Get Fun from Spinning Bumper Cars?

People sitting on spinning bumper cars, and aim for these spots on their opponents’ spinning bumper cars to send them spinning. At the same time, people who sit on it should try to avoid letting their car get hit in these spots…unless, people who sit on the spinning bumper cars will experience the thrill of a spin!

Unlike traditional bumper cars that are actually shaped like cars, spinning bumper cars are totally round like an inner tube. In the middle of the vehicle, there is a seat where the driver sits. On two side of this seat, there are handheld controls that allow people to steer the spinning bumper car around. It looks a bit like a fighter pilot’s seat or a space shuttle.

Spinning Bumper Cars for Sale
SPC-01 Spinning Bumper Cars for Sale

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Beston Spinning Bumper Cars for Sale
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Spinning Bumper Cars in Beston
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Once you and all the other riders are comfortably seated, you can start trying to smash into the people around you. Remember to aim for the spots that make them spin. At the same time, keep an eye out for people who are trying to run into you. If you become one of their targets, you could find yourself spinning uncontrollably across the floor. Dodging these would-be attackers, on the other hand, can keep you driving straight.

While it can be a lot of fun to ride even if you don’t know any of the other drivers, you will have even more fun if you try the ride with your friends. Chances are you will all be laughing uncontrollably by the end of the ride after trying to smash into each other!

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Spinning Bumper Cars for Kids
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What Is Spinning Bumper Car?

This exciting spinning bumper car ride puts you in control of the most advanced bumper car in the world. You will go head to head with your friends and family in a bumper car battle royal. However, if you take a hit to the side of your car, you will find yourself out of control. This ride is particularly fun at night since it has blinking lights and music. These extra features add to the overall experience, making it far more fun and exciting.

Whether you are heading out to a traveling carnival or are headed down to your local family entertainment center, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for spinning bumper cars. If you love traditional bumper cars, you are in for a real treat. These unique spinning bumper cars put a whole new twist on this classic ride, making it more fun than it ever was before. The spinning bumper cars quickly became more popular, meaning more and more amusement park owners added them to their rides.

Beston Spinning Bumper Cars in Cheap Price
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High Quality Spinning Bumper Cars
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High Quality Spinning Bumper Cars
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Features of Beston Amusement Spinning Bumper Cars

  1. A spinning bumper car for sale has several “spin zone targets”, these targets located in the 3 o’clock or the 9 o’clock positions will make car goes into a spin for 2-3 seconds when they get triggered.
  2. The total controller is able to send all the cars into “ALL SPIN MODE” and “CHAOS MODE” by using remote commands
  3. The LED lights on the car flash while a spinning bumper car is spinning
  4. Safe belt makes the spinning bumper safer.
  5. Radio control system.
  6. Low floor requirement.

Goods Inspection Procedure:

Firstly, our workers will check compositions of the material carefully; then, they will check the size and shape and material composition in the after step; before producing, we will check the machining precision and check the surface smoothness as well; after producing, check the quality of the plating, if there has air trail, crack, bubble and so on; finally, we will test each spinning bumper cars for 3 days to ensure the amusement rides seamed exactly well.

Interested in Buying Spinning Bumper Cars for Your Funfair?

Our Service

  1. Provide install video and English manual, if needed, we may send the professional engineer to guide you how to install.
  2. Professional salesman helps you know the process of your product.
  3. Warranty period, we will offer spare parts free, or we may send you the spare part transport with the products.
  4. We always on line and accept your feedback.
  5. Give you suggestions for the equipment selection. Make design for you according to your land information and requests.
  6. 24 hour technical supporting provides a professional after-sale team and independent customer profile.
  7. We have been engaged in this industry for more than10 years and our full experience will meet the reasonable demand of you.
  8. In case the machine is beyond the warranty period, we can offer the parts cheaply.
  9. If necessary will send engineers to your site to supervise your workers to installthe equipment.
  10. Guide your staff to operate the spinning bumper carsand to manage the amusementparks.

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