Structure and Working Principle of Bumper Cars

Both adults and children like playing bumper cars in the playground or in the park. The fun of driving, the thrill of collision, and the happy hours with friends have gradually become the childhood memories of a generation. Does anyone know the structure of a bumper car and its principle? Today, Beston Amusement will bring you to know the structure and basic operating principle of different types of bumper cars.

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Electric Net Bumper Cars

The electric net bumper car uses the ground floor bumper car for power supply. The positive pole and the negative pole are separated by insulation strips. After the power is turned on, the three wheels of the ground net bumper bumper can be operated on the positive pole and the negative pole. The width problem, so it is impossible to have a positive/negative problem, which is safer, more beautiful and more convenient than the bumper car.

Battery Bumper Cars

The battery bumper car is powered by the battery in the body to operate. It has more suitable venues and can be operated without power supply. It is more suitable for flexible operation. Each bumper car has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you can make a reasonable analysis based on your specific situation.

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The body of the bumper car is composed of an operating mechanism, a transmission mechanism, a vehicle body, a chassis, a rear wheel, a buffer tire, a seat belt, a conductive rod and an electric switch. It consists of Skynet and ground network to form a power supply system. After 220V AC power is transformed and rectified by the control cabinet, the positive and negative phases of 90V or 110V DC are added to Skynet and the ground respectively.

The bumper car obtains the DC voltage from the Skynet (which is now mostly powered by the ground net) through the conductive rod at the tail, and realizes the operation of the load motor through the electric circuit of the load motor and the rear wheel and the ground net, and is controlled by the control of the operating mechanism. Bumper cars move forward, backward, turn left and right, etc. Because there is a pneumatic damper on the side of the car, it can collide at will.

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