When were Bumper Cars Invented

History of Bumper Cars

When you are playing bumper cars with your friends and families, will you be curious about when were bumper cars invented first? And who create the first set bumper cars? Or how does bumper car work? Like issues, the history of bumper cars is not so clear and still in debating. What is certain is the fact that Max and Harold Stoehrer of Massachusetts create and build the first bumper cars company – Dodgem Company in the USA in December 1920. After that, this fairground rides bumper cars become a success in the world. Today, we cannot imagine a park with no bumper cars, because this ride is becoming a symbol of amusement parks. Buy bumper cars for sale here in Beston.

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The Importance of Bumper Cars for Amusement Parks

With interesting playing rules, this rides attract passengers’ attention very easily and become a good hit in amusement parks. From adult to children, people cannot resist the charming of a bumper car. So it is very important for amusement park owners to buy bumper cars for sale in your parks. With low cost and high return, bumper cars also is your perfect option for you if you want have an investment on amusement park business. Beston supply excellent new bumper cars for sale with good quality and advanced control system in different styles and sizes.

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Where to Buy Bumper Cars?

If you are interested with bumper cars rides, you may want to know where to bumper cars for sale in cheap, and how to purchase a bumper car. The first thing you should do is to find a good and reliable bumper cars manufacturer. Good bumper cars manufacture is not only do well in their bumper cars amusement rides for sale, they also provide best service for customers. Beston, as a good manufacturer and supplier from China of bumper cars, we do best on what customer’s wants and needs. With excellent quality and favored price, Beston bumper cars have been sold and exported to many other countries successfully. And we build a long relationship on cooperation with our clients. Want to buy bumper cars for sale? Find Beston Amusement Rides Company – a professional and experienced bumper cars manufacturer.

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